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Though web application technology advances at lightning speed, some of the methods hackers use to hack into your web applications gain access to your information assets are tried-and-true. Despite the fact that they were first introduced more than two decades ago, SQL Injection attacks remain very popular and can seriously threaten the security of your data, regardless if your web application is developed in PHP, .NET or other languages. In fact SQL injection attack remains number one on the OWASP Top Ten list of web security risks.

Given this, establishing a robust security prevention with automated web security testing tools, and remediation program is key for every organization. This becomes more and more important every day as we see data breaches in the news everywhere we look.

Further, many websites are now custom built using third-party frameworks and libraries that may open you up to even more security threats. Use of a Web Application Firewall (WAF) is not enough because it might not detect the SQL injection or Local File Inclusion flaw being exploited. Further, a WAF can be bypassed, which is why you need the Netsparker testing tool to make sure web applications are secure.

Netsparker’s web vulnerability scanner can help establish a solid footing for any security protocol by identifying any open security vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities so you can direct your efforts toward making proactive mitigation decisions for the future. It can scan any type of website running on HTTP and HTTPS (SSL and TLS). It can identify SQL injection vulnerabilities if you use Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or any other type of database server for your backend database.

What Is SQL Injection?

SQL Injection (SQLi) is a common web application vulnerability that allows attackers to steal or modify web application data that is stored in the backend database. To do this, the hacker injects Structured Query Language code in a SQL statement through a web input form, in order to gain access to resources or modify the information assets in some way. There are three main types of SQL Injection vulnerabilities: In-band SQLi, Blind SQLI, and Out-of-band SQLi. SQL Injection attacks happen during the HTTP request that occurs between the client and the web server. Refer to the SQL Injection Cheat Sheet for more detailed information about all the different vulnerability variants.

Netsparker Is Best-in-Class Automated SQL Injection Scanner

Netsparker is the first and the only security testing tool that features Proof-Based Scanning™ Technology. This means that once the system identifies the security vulnerability, it provides a proof of exploit that verifies the threat's existence. Through its simulation of penetration testing, this feature ensures that there are no false positives. So during automated SQL injection scans, the scanner can also exploit the vulnerability and extract data related to the database, also highlighting the impact of the vulnerability. Netsparker also identifies complex attack vectors and security vulnerabilities including Out-of-Band SQL Injection through its Netsparker Hawk, which is a vulnerability testing infrastructure integrated with our web application security scanner.

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Netsparker’s efficient web security scanner can help support your IT team’s work through prompt detection of issues. Let Netsparker detect all forms of SQL injections with our on premises or cloud-based web vulnerability scanner while you focus your time on prevention and remediation.

By identifying web application vulnerabilities early, you can work to protect against them. See why our clients across all industries trust Netsparker to support their web security program.

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