Why You Need a Blind SQL Injection Scanner

Unlike other variants of the SQL Injection vulnerability, the blind SQL Injection is very difficult to identify. Even the most seasoned penetration testers fail to identify it manually, hence why you need an automated scanner.

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SQL Injection has been around for more than two decades--almost as long as the Internet itself. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show any signs of going away. In fact, it is still listed as the most significant threat in the OWASP Top Ten list of most critical web security threats. SQL Injection is a security vulnerability that hackers use to attack database driven web applications. These databases often contain highly-classified information to which hackers hope to gain access—such as customer financial information or sensitive personal information.

Though SQL Injection threats have not diminished, the effort they require on the part of hackers to initiate has. Now those who wish to access your databases and online records can do so with a few simple keystrokes or by automating their attacks altogether. A testing tool such as the Netsparker web security scanner can help you stay one step ahead of hackers by automatically scanning thousands of websites quickly for SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting (XSS) and other vulnerabilities.

How does SQL Injection affect your web application?

SQL Injection attacks are a dangerous threat to your users’ privacy and security. Over the years, hackers have identified more sophisticated SQL Injection techniques, such as second order and blind SQL injections that allow them to steal and modify sensitive data continually. A number of recent high-profile attacks have put users on guard--and with the new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) enacted, companies need to be even more deliberate with their web security protocols.

Blind SQL Injection vulnerabilities allow an attacker to steal data, affect your data’s integrity, or even destroy data altogether. Other versions of this type of attack even allow an attacker to go beyond SQL Injection and execute arbitrary code on the database server, which might lead them to access other internal systems, regardless if your website is developed in PHP, .NET or Java.

How can Netsparker help?

In order to safeguard your valuable data and maintain your customers’ trust, it is important to take proactive measures like: regularly scanning your web applications for vulnerabilities; implementing validation measures in place at any location where data enters or exits your web application; and using a vulnerability scanner.

On this last point, Netsparker can help, especially in the case of blind SQL injections since they cannot be easily identified. With it you can identify vulnerable lines of code, so you can review possible SQL queries that lead to SQL Injection vulnerabilities. Further, with Netsparker’s Proof-based Scanning, the system will confirm the vulnerability and produce a proof of exploit. This extra step saves your IT team time by allowing you to put your focus where it should be: on remediation.

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Web application security should be a high priority for any organization. Our vulnerability scanner is dead accurate and our clients tout its ease of use. Detect all forms of SQL Injection and out-of-band SQL Injection regardless if your sql server is MySQL, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL server.

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