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A good SQL injection vulnerability scanner like Netsparker can automatically detect all the different variants of this injection vulnerability, including blind, out-of-band and in-band ones.

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SQL Injection vulnerabilities exist in nearly every database driven web application. And most of today’s web applications are database driven. Though this method of system attack has been around for nearly as long as the Internet itself, it remains a steady threat. In fact, SQL Injection attacks are among the most common--and have always been listed on the OWASP Top 10 list of most critical web security flaws, which is released every three years.

SQL Injection (SQLi) is a common web application vulnerability that allows attackers to steal or modify web application data that is stored in the backend database, such as customer credit card details. To do this, a hacker injects Structured Query Language code in a SQL statement through a web input form, in order to gain access to resources or modify the information assets in some way. There are three main types of SQL Injection vulnerabilities: In-band SQLi, Blind SQLI, and Out-of-band SQLi.

Though there are initiatives that your IT team can take to lower your risks as a hacker target, such as to fix poorly coded web applications, or employ a web application firewall (WAF). Though these fixes alone are not enough to keep your web environments safe or ensure the security of your information assets.

Netsparker Offers a Top-rated SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner

Netsparker is the first and the only security testing tool that features Proof-Based Scanning™ Technology. This means that once the tool identifies the security vulnerability, like an SQL injection flaw, it provides a proof of exploit that verifies the threat's existence, regardless if your database server is Oracle, postgresql or Microsoft SQL. Through its simulation of penetration testing, this feature ensures that there are no false positives. So during automated SQL injection scans, the scanner can also exploit the vulnerability and extract data related to the database, also highlighting the impact of the vulnerability. Netsparker also identifies complex attack vectors and security vulnerabilities such as Cross-site Scripting (XSS), Remote File Inclusions (RFI) and Out-of-Band SQL Injection through its Netsparker Hawk, which is a vulnerability testing infrastructure integrated with our web application security scanner.

Also, Netsparker can scan any type of web application or web server. Whether your web application is developed in PHP, .NET or any other technology, Netsparker can scan it. It also scans any open source libraries or frameworks you are using on your web applications and checks your web servers for misconfigurations that could lead to a security issue. Netsparker has specific configuration checks for a wide variety of servers such as Apache and Nginx, which run on Linux, and IIS which runs on Microsoft Windows.

Further, Netsparker can be integrated seamlessly into your existing web infrastructure. Netsparker's scanners are easy to use and their Proof-based scanning™ technology allows you to quickly detect SQL injection, Cross-site Scripting, and other common vulnerabilities in your website's applications and web services without having to manually verify the scan results.

Due to Netsparker's unique detection and automatic exploitation techniques, users can have confidence that any vulnerability report results will be dead accurate without false positives. In addition, it is not only Netsparker's efficiency and effectiveness that make it an ideal choice for your IT security portfolio, but also its ability to easily integrate into your software development lifecycle (SDLC) and DevOps environment. In fact, many popular security tools already work in tandem with Netsparker including:

Github & Microsoft Team Foundation Server
Threadfix Vulnerability Manager
Kenna Security Vulnerability & Risk Intelligence
LunarLine Vulnerability Scan Converter and Dradis Framework
Brinqa Cybersecurity Risk Management

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Netsparker’s efficient web security scanner can help support your IT team’s cyber defense strategy through speedy detection of any potential issues. Let Netsparker identify all forms of SQL injection vulnerability and more with our on premises or cloud-based web vulnerability scanner while you focus your time on prevention and remediation. By identifying web application vulnerabilities early, you can work to protect against them. See why our clients across all industries trust Netsparker to support their web security program. Try Netsparker's free 15-day trial today.

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"I had the opportunity to compare external expertise reports with Netsparker ones. Netsparker was better, finding more breaches. It’s a very good product for me."
"As opposed to other web application scanners, Netsparker is very easy to use. An out of the box installation can detect more vulnerabilities than any other scanner."
"We chose Netsparker because it is more tailored to web application security and has features that allow the university to augment its web application security needs."

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