Configuring the Scan Scope

 The scope of a scan allows you to define which parts of the target web application should be crawled and scanned.

Screenshot 5  – Scan Scope Options

Screenshot 5 – Scan Scope Options

 The following scan scope options are available:

  • Entered Path and Below: During the scan the target path and any folder below will be crawled and scan. For example, if you specify the URL all the pages and folders in the website will be crawled and scanned. If you specify, all the pages and subfolders in the /testfolder/ will be crawled.

  • Only Entered URL: In this scan scope no external links are followed, therefore ideal to scan all parameters on a single page.

When you specify as a target URL will be crawled and scanned as well since in this scope Netsparker will also include all URLs that start with the given target URL.

  • Whole Domain: All of the pages and sub folders on the target domain will be scanned. If a specific URL is entered, such as, the scan will start from the specified URL but it will then proceed to crawl and scan all pages and sub folders on the domain

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