Full HTML5 Support


HTML5 allows organizations to develop richer, more dynamic and interactive web applications. More complex web applications also mean new vulnerabilities and security issues that malicious hackers can exploit to hack into an organization's network.

Automatically Scan HTML5 Web Applications

Netsparker Web Application Security Scanners rise up to the challenge and can automatically scan and detect modern vulnerabilities and security issues typically found in web applications built using HTML5 technology.

The Netsparker scanners have a state of art Chrome based crawler that enables them to simulate JavaScript and DOM on pages, thus they can fully understand and crawl all types of modern Web 2.0, HTML5 web applications and Single Page Applications and identify vulnerabilities and security flaws in them.

Netsparker is also able to identify web application vulnerabilities which are typically associated with modern HTML5 web applications, such as DOM based cross-site scripting.

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