Ease of Use

We understand that you want to spend your time finding vulnerabilities and securing your web applications, not learning how to use security tools. That is why we designed Netsparker with usability among our foremost goals: just download, install and start scanning web applications straight away.


Although Netsparker offers extensive configurability, there is no need to get bogged down in detail when all you want is to scan your web application and find vulnerabilities. Simply enter your URL and click the Start button and Netsparker will use its default configuration to start a web application security scan and get things underway straight away, as highlighted in the below video.


Netsparker consistently receives high praise from its users for its deceptively simple user interface, enabling web application scanning to be configured, executed and analyzed without a complex learning exercise. Screen real estate is logically divided into easily recognizable regions, providing instant feedback about the state of an in-progress web security scan and the ability to drill down and extract the details every security expert and developer needs, even before scanning is complete.

Intuitive GUI


Unlike some of our competitors who insist on locking down their products using cumbersome DRM systems, we have chosen a licensing technology that never gets in the way of your work.

When you buy Netsparker, you will receive a digital license file that unlocks the product and activates all the features. You are free to move or reinstall Netsparker installation as often as you wish and your work will never be interrupted by waiting for a new license to be issued.

Download Netsparker Desktop Demo

Trying Netsparker is easy and completely free. Just click the Download Demo button to get your 15-day evaluation copy of Netsparker Desktop. No payment is required and we will not ask for your credit card details.