“We like Netsparker not only because it is able to be configured quickly, but also the scans themselves are completed quickly, reliably and without false positives (a large timesaver in and of itself).”

Sumeru's Lead Penetration Tester

Read the Sumeru Solutions Case Study

“We were impressed by the amount of positive feedback from your existing customers and also the calibre of the companies who were already using Netsparker.”

Tom Mallory, ProfitKeeper’s IT Ninja

Read the Profitkeeper Case Study

“When we learnt that Netsparker Cloud is available for free for open source web applications we went ahead and tried it out. Since we started using it, our experience has been perfect. From an excellent easy to use interface and a neat API solution, down to the minor details like support for two-factor authentication and security audit logs. It’s an amazing tool that ticks all the boxes.”

James Allsup, OpenCart Project Technical Consultant

Read the OpenCart Case Study

“As we are faced with perpetual evolving security threats and vulnerabilities, Netsparker brings a level of assurance to our business as it is included as part of our development lifecycle to help identify and mitigate such threats prior to deployment. With Netsparker...”

Chris Evans, Security and Compliance Manager, ISACA

Read the ISACA Case Study

“Netsparker are not just another vendor from where we purchase any other software, they are like business partners. We have to trust their products do a good job to ensure the security of our cloud-based platforms, else our business’ reputation could on the line. And Netsparker have earned such trust.”

Jade Ohlhauser, CTO, RPM Software

Read the RPM Software Case Study

“As opposed to other web application scanners we used, Netsparker is very easy to use and does not require a lot of configuring. An out of the box installation of Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner can detect more vulnerabilities than any other web application...”

Perry Mertens, Audit Supervisor, ING Insurance EURAsia IT Audit Team

Read the ING Case Study

“Since the university’s web applications are frequently changing to adapt to the students’ and university’s needs and because malicious attacks are becoming more sophisticated, it is important that we keep on scanning all of them frequently for the latest type of security...”

Dan Fryer, Oakland University

Read the Oakland University Case Study

“Netsparker not only has better coverage and web vulnerability detection than other scanners, it is also very easy to use and allows us to automate most of the web security audit process.”

Darren Manners, SyCom

Read the SyCom Case Study

“Netsparker has meant deployment of new and updated code can be put into production more easily and with greater confidence as to its robustness.”

Dr Paul Bevan Head of Core Software Services at Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Read the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Case Study

“I have a hard time finding any negative aspects to Netsparker Cloud. It is hands down a great tool — all you could wish for from an automated web security scanner. Easy to use and detailed with a low false positive rate.”

Klemen Stirn, The Project-Lead, Developer and Support Team for HESK

Read the HESK Case Study

“Not only is Netsparker superb in web vulnerability detection, but also in advanced exploitation. It has taken our penetration testing assessments to a new level! Congrats!”

Malik Mesellem, CEO of MME BVBA and Founder of bWAPP

Read the MME BVBA Case Study

“Netsparker is the best Web Application Security Scanner in terms of price-benefit balance. It is a very stable software, faster than the previous tools we were using and it is relatively free of false positives, which is exactly what we were looking for”

Harald Nandke, Principal Consultant, Unify

Read the Unify Case Study

“The decision to use Netsparker for website and web application vulnerability scanning was due to the large library of scan settings available to choose from. This choice of scans produced easy to understand definitions of the threats that were found. Netsparker also provided solutions to the identified threats”

Steve Charlton, T4G’s Quality Assurance Specialist

Read the T4G Case Study

“Netsparker is the best web application scanner we know of: It's affordably priced as a tier two scanner, but it is as accurate as a tier one scanner or better. And it has the lowest false positive rate we ever saw in the last 14 years with competing products.”

Paolo Da Ros, CryptoNet, Italy

Read the Cryptonet Case Study

“About 4 years ago, my team brought Netsparker to my attention and we took it for a spin during a real live penetration test. It did outperform the other established tools we were using in terms of ease of use and also web application vulnerabilities detection rate. It was a breath of fresh air. We found it to be a light, fast and reliable tool with hassle free licensing.”

K. K. Mookhey, Network Intelligence’s Founder & Director

Read the Network Intelligence Case Study

"Like everyone else we evaluated Netsparker along with a number of other commercial scanners, though we immediately noticed that Netsparker was what we were looking for. To start off with it detected web vulnerabilities that other solutions didn’t detect. It is easy to use and setup, it generates easy to read findings and reports that we can implement into our base workflows. Netsparker pricing also allowed us to keep on providing web security audits which include manual testing and validation at an affordable price."


Read the SECWATCH Case Study

“We started looking for a more efficient solution that could help us automated most of the tasks, and Netsparker was the obvious choice because it automatically verifies identified vulnerabilities. Therefore our team didn’t need to allocate time in verifying the scanner’s...

Mihai Petre, Security Analyst, Morneau Shepell

Read the Morneau Shepell Case Study

“As a non-profit, we struggle to find and retain web application security specialists within our budget. Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner has allowed us to easily start the process of finding and patching web application vulnerabilities, closing down security issues and training our internal resources to spot and avoid these vulnerabilities"

New Tribes Mission

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“Netsparker continually executes scans in a more optimized way and delivers actionable results every time. The false-positive free scanning, means that Netsparker has already attempted to validate the finding for itself before it provides the results, thus eliminating the need for our consultants to spend time chasing down false positives.”

Jim Broome, President, DirectDefense

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“Netsparker is a fantastic tool and is very light to use. Security Reports are easy to comprehend and helped programmers close web application vulnerabilities quickly. It has become an essential tool for our consulting team. I will not hesitate to recommend Netsparker to anyone!”

Sujit Christy, Director, Layers-7 Seguro Consultoria Pvt Ltd

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