Benefits of Netsparker

Trying Netsparker is easy and completely free. Just click the button at the right to claim your 15-day evaluation copy of Netsparker Professional. No payment is required and we will not ask for your credit card details.


Built-in Penetration Testing Tools

To optimize penetration testing effectiveness, Netsparker incorporates a range of commonly used utility features and tools. When you need to investigate or visualize a troublesome web vulnerability, it is reassuring to know that all the security tools you need are at your fingertips.

Encoding and Decoding Tools

To facilitate the use of Netsparker’s manual override tools (for example, ability to add links manually and integrated exploitation), Netsparker also includes a text encoder and decoder that supports encoding of URL, HTML, Base64, UTF7, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 and several other encoding schemes.

ViewState Viewer

When security scanning ASP.NET and modern .NET web applications, Netsparker extracts ViewState data from its containing HTTP requests and responses and presents it via a user-accessible viewer for further troubleshooting.

Vulnerability Retest

When Netsparker identifies a web application security vulnerability, it also provides extensive supporting information such as recommended remedial action.

Having undertaken the recommended remedial action save time and be more efficient by using the retest individual vulnerability option in Netsparker rather than launching another complete web application security scan as required by several other security scanners.