Advisory by Netsparker
Name: Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities in BootstrapValidator
Affected Software : BootstrapValidator
Affected Versions: v0.5.3 and possibly below
Vendor Homepage : 
Vulnerability Type : Cross-site Scripting
Severity : Important
Status : Not Fixed
Netsparker Advisory Reference : NS-15-022

Technical Details
Proof of Concept URLs for XSS in BootstrapValidator v0.5.3:

Vulnerable Page: /bootstrapvalidator-master/demo/target.php

Vulnerable Params: lastName, company, country, phoneNumber, yearDayMonthTime, captcha, username, email, password, fullName, monthDayYear, yearDayMonth, confirmPassword, city, signup2, programs[], languages[], birthday, signup, gender, jobTitle, address, website, firstName, datetimePicker

Attack pattern: '"--></style></scRipt><scRipt>alert(0x009CA0)</scRipt> 

For more information on cross-site scripting vulnerabilities read the article Cross-site Scripting (XSS).

Advisory Timeline
04/09/2015 - First Contact
16/11/2015 - Second Contact
15/12/2015 - Advisory Released

Developer did not follow up / no solution is available.

Credits & Authors
These issues have been discovered by Onur Yilmaz while testing Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner.

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