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Netsparker: Your Best Alternative to Incapsula

A web application firewall only "hides" a web application's security issues, it does not fixes them. Therefore even with a WAF a web application is still vulnerable. Hence why you need Netsparker, a DAST solution and Imperva alternative.

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Troy Hunt
I’ve long been an advocate of Netsparker because I believe it’s the easiest on-demand, do it yourself dynamic security analysis tool.
Troy HuntMicrosoft Regional Director & MVP, Founder of Have I Been Pwned, Leading Security Researcher

A solid web security plan goes far beyond web application firewalls (WAF). The 21st century web requires a more modern defense.

Yes a web application firewall can be part of your web application security plan, and can certainly serve as good DDoS protection. Also, online web application firewall services such as Sucuri and Cloudflare can also provide a content delivery network service and block the majority of attacks in real-time, however they don’t fully close the loop on security vulnerabilities in your web applications. They can only block malicious attacks, but do not secure your web applications.

So to be serious about the security of your online environment and cloud security, it is essential to conduct regular vulnerability assessments with a reliable, enterprise-grade web application vulnerability scanner--and Netsparker offers the best option for this and as an Incapsula alternative.

Reliable Application Security without False Positives

The Netsparker security platform meets all expectations when it comes to identifying vulnerabilities that appear on the OWASP Top Ten List like Cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection, and thousands of others. Additionally, not only does Netsparker identify and report these vulnerabilities, but it does so with a high level of detail--reporting not only the vulnerability type but its variant example as well.

More Comprehensive than a WAF

Web application firewalls like the Imperva Incapsula may mitigate some application layer attacks, however they can only do so for known attacks. Even worse, online web application firewalls have generic rules, so unless you are using an off the shelf web application such as WordPress, or Joomla! So they work well for WordPress security, however they might block a lot of legitimate traffic, or allow malicious traffic through.

A web application firewall is not a complete security solution on its own. You should use as an additional layer of security, for mitigation of DDoS attacks, for caching and to improve your site’s load times, however you should never totally depend on it.

Netsparker, however, offers website security that drills down and identifies the specific type of vulnerability. All without false positives. This specificity allows Netsparker to rapidly pinpoint DOM XSS, Command injection, Blind command injection, Remote code injection, HTTP header injection, and other vulnerabilities that may exist in the wild. Netsparker goes far beyond the basics.

Enterprise-Level Customer Support

While Imperva Incapsula has some similarities to Netsparker's web-based web applications security scanner in terms of its objectives, the commonalities end there. For large scale businesses that may have complex IT security needs, Netsparker's robust security scanning application is poised to meet the challenge. And where Incapsula lacks a clear support structure, Netsparker shines, offering both phone and online support from a team that knows its product and knows the challenges that you might face. Netsparker offers a wide range of tools that help facilitate everything from team collaboration to report generation.

Eliminates False Positives

Netsparker's unique Proof-based Scanning™ technology is a key distinction that sets it apart from other tools. Not only can scanning be automated, but reporting is automated as well. To save your time and resources, the system generates a proof of concept or proof of exploit once it identifies a vulnerability. This eliminates the need to manually verify report results--saving your team time and energy that can be reallocated toward other preventative measures. Once in position, Netsparker works to equip your IT department with the external resources they will need to communicate potential vulnerabilities.

Troy Hunt
In my years as a security specialist I’ve used many different tools for DAST and Netsparker has consistently been at the forefront of both experience and results. It’s simple to use without sacrificing capability.
Scott HelmeSecurity Researcher and Entrepreneur,

You’ve invested a lot of resources into creating the best websites and web applications for your business and you want them to be secure. An antivirus or a firewall can't protect your web assets. You need special software that works with the web.

Leading-edge technology
You want the best solution for your web assets and Netsparker is the best. Netsparker's Proof-Based ScanningTM technology can prove identified vulnerabilities are real and not false positives, saving security teams hundreds of man-hours.
Automation and integration
With Netsparker, you can automate and integrate with CI/CD and other systems found in the SDLC and DevOps environment. This allows your experts to focus on what's most important and eliminate security issues at the earliest stages.
Reliability and trust
Netsparker is a solution you can trust and constantly top rated in 3rd party benchmarks. Its engine is dead accurate and gives you all the information that you need to fix security issues.

Web Scanner Comparisons

In the 2018 independent web vulnerability scanners comparison, Netsparker was the only scanner to identify all vulnerabilities and to report zero false positives.

Web Scanner Comparisons for Mobile

Detect More Vulnerabilities

When tested in third party benchmarks by security industry experts, Netsparker identified all direct impact vulnerabilities, surpassing all other solutions. Their results show Netsparker has the most advanced and dead accurate crawling & vulnerability scanning technology, and the highest web vulnerability detection rate.

SQL Injection Detection (SQLI)

SQL Injection Detection (SQLI) Donut Chart  - 1

Detection Rate


False Positives Tests


Reflected XSS Detecion (RXSS)

SQL Injection Detection (SQLI) Donut Chart  - 2

Detection Rate


False Positives Tests


Local File Inclusion Detection (LFI)

SQL Injection Detection (SQLI) Donut Chart  - 3

Detection Rate


False Positives Tests


Remote File Inclusion Detection (RFI)

SQL Injection Detection (SQLI) Donut Chart  - 4

Detection Rate


False Positives Tests


Unvalidated Redirect Detection

SQL Injection Detection (SQLI) Donut Chart  - 5

Detection Rate


False Positives Tests


Old, Backup Files Detection

SQL Injection Detection (SQLI) Donut Chart - 6

Detection Rate


False Positives Tests


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Bruno Urban

I had the opportunity to compare external expertise reports with Netsparker ones. Netsparker was better, finding more breaches. It’s a very good product for me.


Perry Mertens

As opposed to other web application scanners, Netsparker is very easy to use. An out of the box installation can detect more vulnerabilities than any other scanner.

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Dan Fryer

We chose Netsparker because it is more tailored to web application security and has features that allow the university to augment its web application security needs.

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Save your security team hundreds of hours with Netsparker's web security scanner.

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