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Configuring User Permissions in Netsparker Enterprise

Netsparker Enterprise is an online multi-user web application security solution.

You can have a Netsparker Enterprise user for every team member. You can create as many new users as you need – there is no limit. Adding all your developers, quality analysts and other team members to Netsparker Enterprise helps you ensure that everyone who is involved in the development and upkeep of your web applications can act in a correlated manner. They can then do what is required to protect the long-term security of your web applications, which includes addressing all vulnerabilities quickly.

From the Team window, Account Owners and Account Administrators can invite new team members and configure their permissions, including for website groups.

For further information, see User Permissions Matrix in Netsparker Enterprise.

New Team Member Permissions Fields

This table lists and explains the fields in the New Team Member window.



API Access

Select to give users access to API settings.

Account Administrator

Select to give users permission to manage all other team members and their permissions. An Account Administrator also has permission to manage scans, reporting, settings, policies and issues.

Manage Websites

Select to give users permission to add/update the website, manage website groups and list usernames.

Start Scans

Select to give users the same permission as Manage Issues. In addition, they have permission to start scans, manage scheduled scans, and manage scan policies.

View Scan Reports

Select to give users the same permission as Manage Issues, except they cannot update issues.

Manage Issues

Select to give users permission to view dashboards and scan reports, list usernames and scans, create reports, and view and update issues.

Manage Issues (Restricted)

Select to give users permission to view scan reports and manage issues (as with Manage Issues), except they cannot update the status of addressed issues as Accepted Risk or False Positive.

How to Configure User Permissions in Netsparker Enterprise

  1. From the main menu, select Team, then New Team Member.

  1. Complete the Name, Email, and Phone Number fields.
  2. In the Allowed Website Limit, move the slider left or right to set the maximum number of websites a member can add.
  3. In the Account Permissions section, enable the relevant options. (For further information, see User Permissions Matrix).
  4. In the Scan Permissions section, enable the relevant options.
  5. If you are not allocating the user Administrator permission, you will also need to specify which Website Groups they can control.
  6. Click Send Invitation.

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