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Testing Notifications

Ensuring that the notifications work is very important, especially if you are using them to be notified of possible critical vulnerabilities on a live web application. You can do a dry run and test the notifications from the Test Notification node in the Notifications menu.

For further information, see Configuring Email and SMS Notification Rules.

How to Test a Notification

  1. From the main menu, click Notifications, then Test Notifications.

  1. From the Event dropdown, select the event that triggers the notification:
    • New Scan
    • Scan Cancelled
    • Scan Failed
    • Scan Completed
    • Scheduled Scan Launch Failed
    • Out Of Date Technology
  2. In the Group Scan field:
    • Select No, if you want to test a single website (this displays the Website dropdown)
    • Select Yes, if you want to test a group (this displays the Website Group dropdown)
  3. From the Website dropdown, select a website
  4. From the Website Group dropdown, select a group.
  5. From the User dropdown, select the user.
  6. Click Test.
  7. The Test Result is displayed.

  1. Once a dry run of the notification is complete, the results will highlight the matching rule, and recipients will be notified by email and SMS.

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