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What Systems Does Netsparker Integrate With?

Even though a web application security scanner is a standalone tool, it needs to integrate with other software and tools that are used by security professionals and developers. This is a list of all the software and systems that can be integrated with Netsparker.

Our API Documentation is updated with each relevant code change. Most recently, we've added in API Endpoints for Managing Issues.

With Netsparker Enterprise, you can use API Endpoints to view Issues information in list format. This enables you to integrate the Issues information detected by Netsaprker with other applications or internal systems.

Vulnerability Management and Similar Systems

Netsparker enables you to export scan results to the following vulnerability management systems, and other similar, software products.


Netsparker Enterprise

Netsparker Standard


Metasploit Express

Metasploit Pro

Threadfix Vulnerability Manager

Kenna Security Vulnerability & Risk Intelligence (previously Risk I/O Vulnerability Dashboard)

LunarLine Vulnerability Scan Converter

Issue Tracking Systems

In Netsparker, you can configure and export vulnerabilities as bug reports in the following issue tracking systems.

If all the parameters are available, you can also configure Netsparker Standard to export vulnerabilities to virtually any other type of issue tracking system by creating a custom Send To Action.

For further information, see Integrating Netsparker Standard with Issue Tracking Systems.

Continuous Integration Systems

You can configure integrations with the following Continuous Integration Systems.


Netsparker Enterprise

Netsparker Standard






Circle CI

Single Sign-On (SSO) Providers

You can integrate Netsparker with the following Single Sign-On providers.

Team Messaging Systems

You can integrate Netsparker with the following Team Messaging Systems.


Netsparker Enterprise

Netsparker Standard

Microsoft Teams



Web Application Firewalls

The scan results of both Netsparker Enterprise and Netsparker Standard can be exported as rules for the ModSecurity and F5 Big-IP ASM web application firewalls.

For further information, see Generating ModSecurity Web Application Firewall Rules from Netsparker and Generating F5 BIG-IP Application Security Manager WAF Rules From Netsparker.

Other Integrations and Interoperability Capabilities

Netsparker Enterprise has a fully blown REST API which allows for easy integration.

For further information, see Integrate Netsparker with Other Security Tools in the SDLC.

If you require any assistance integrating one of the Netsparker web vulnerability scanners in your system, please get in touch.


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