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Form Validation Errors Node

Form Validation is used by form dialogs to warn users about errors in their submissions to a website.

Forms are generally used to create a new account, newsletter sign-up, password reminder, shipping address details, and other similar pages. They require the web application's visitors to enter information such as a phone number, email address, or credit card number.

Many of these web forms typically have some basic checks because some of the fields might be mandatory. The form validation ensures that users submitted data that matches the requirement set in the form controls.

To identify the attack surface, Netsparker tries to fill out and submit these forms to access the pages that are typically only accessible once the form is submitted. You can define values or enter new values that Netsparker enters into these forms. For further information, see Configuring Predefined Web Form Values.

Once the scan is completed, all form validation errors are listed under the Form Validation Errors node in the Knowledge Base. You can access the same information in the Knowledge Base Report and Knowledge Base Tab.

For further information, see Knowledge Base Nodes.

Netsparker forms Knowledge Base nodes on its findings. If the Form Validations Errors node is not listed, it means that Netsparker did not find any.

For further information, see Knowledge Base Nodes.

How to View the Form Validation Errors Node in Netsparker Enterprise
  1. Log in to Netsparker Enterprise.
  2. From the main menu, click Scans, then Recent Scans. The Recent Scans window is displayed.
  3. Next to the relevant website, click Report.
  4. From the Technical Report section, click the Knowledge Base tab.
  5. Click the Form Validation Errors node. The information is displayed in a Form Validation Errors tab.


How to View the Form Validation Errors Node in Netsparker Standard
  1. Open Netsparker Standard
  2. Start a Scan or open a previously saved scan.
  3. The Knowledge Base is displayed on the right of the Scan Summary Dashboard. (If it is hidden, display it again using the Knowledge Base icon on the View tab on the ribbon. Alternatively, click the Reset Layout icon on the View tab, then close the Activity/Progress/Logs panes to give maximum viewing space.)
  1. Ensure that the Knowledge Base Viewer is also displayed. (If it is hidden, you can display it again using the Knowledge Base Viewer button on the View tab. You may also want to close the Activity/Progress/Logs panes.)
  2. Click the Form Validation node in the Knowledge Base. All detected Form Validation Errors are displayed in the Knowledge Base Viewer.


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