This page contains a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) about both the Netsparker Desktop and Netsparker Cloud web application security scanners.

Netsparker Scanners FAQs


  1. What is the difference between Netsparker Desktop and Netsparker Cloud?
  2. What is the Knowledge base node and what is reported in it?
  3. What is a Scan Policy?
  4. What are URL rewrites and URL rewrite rules?
  5. Can I scan a Single Page Application (SPA) with Netsparker?


  1. How can I automatically optimize a Scan Policy?
  2. How can I scan a website with parameter-based navigation?
  3. How can I configure my own URL Rewrite rules?
  4. How can I exclude parts of the website from a scan?
  5. How can I scan REsTful web services (REST API)?
  6. How can I scan other websites that are linked to from the target that I am scanning?


  1. Why should I optimize a Scan Policy?


  1. How can I export scan results as ModSecurity WAF rules?
  2. With which tools can the Netsparker scanners interop with?
  3. How can I export the vulnerabilities as Imperva SecureSphere and other WAF rules?


  1. I am getting inconsistent results. What can I do?

Netsparker Desktop FAQs


  1. What is the difference between Standard and Professional?
  2. How are number of seats measured?
  3. Can I upgrade from Standard to Professional?


  1. How can I scan multiple websites simultaneously?
  2. How can I scan a list of websites from a text file?
  3. How can I see all the HTTP requests and responses?
  4. How can I confirm that the scanner crawled all my website?
  5. How can I recover a scan?
  6. How can I do a controlled scan to scan a single parameter?

Basic Scanning Configuration

  1. How can I scan a password protected website?
  2. How can I manually optimize / modify the Scan Policy?
  3. How can I exclude objects from a scan after the crawl and during the scan?

Advanced Scanning Configuration

  1. How can I save a crawl for future scans?
  2. How can I expand the forced browsing list?
  3. What can I do if Netsparker cannot automatically scan a password protected area?
  4. How can I use a SOCKS proxy?
  5. How can I do a manual crawl?

Application Settings & Configuration

  1. How can I restrict the scan time to a specific time window?
  2. How can I scan a range of IPs?
  3. How can I move a Netsparker Desktop license and settings from one computer to another?

Integration, Customization & Reports

  1. How can I export identified vulnerabilities as issues on my bug tracking system?
  2. How can I create custom reports with the Reporting API?
  3. How can I use my company logo in the reports?
  4. Sample XML report and vulnerabilities mapping.
  5. Can I automatically send a report over email once a scan is ready?
  6. How can I scan Selenium playbacks for vulnerabilities?
  7. How can I configure Netsparker Desktop to send an email when it finds a vulnerability or vulnerabilities?

Netsparker Cloud FAQs


  1. How can I enable two-factor authentication for all Netsparker Cloud users?
  2. How can I configure the times when a target website can be scanned?


  1. What is a Scan Policy and how can I configure it?
  2. What are Scan Settings and how can I configure them?
  3. Can I configure a scan time window?

Managing Targets & Vulnerabilities

  1. What are Website Groups and how / why should I use them?
  2. What tools can I use to manage all the vulnerabilities and make sure they are all fixed?

Post Scan & Collaboration

  1. What are Tasks and how / why should I use them?
  2. How can I get an email or SMS alert once a scan is finished?