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netsparker Class

Netsparker api to set custom script variables.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  MSL.Core.Process.Scripting.Api
Assembly:  MSL.Core (in MSL.Core.dll) Version:

The netsparker type exposes the following members.

Public methodclearEnvironmentVariable
Clears the environment variable.
Public methodclearGlobalVariable
Clears the global variable.
Public methodclearVariable
Clears the variable.
Public methodgetEnvironmentVariable
Gets the environment variable.
Public methodgetGlobalVariable
Gets the global variable.
Public methodgetVariable
Gets the variable.
Public methodrequest(String)
Performs a GET HTTP request to the specified URL.
Public methodrequest(Request)
Performs an HTTP request to the specified Request.
Public methodsetEnvironmentVariable
Sets the environment variable.
Public methodsetGlobalVariable
Sets the global variable.
Public methodsetVariable
Sets the variable.
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