Standard License FAQ

What's the 3 domains limitation?

Netsparker Standard can only scan 3 domains that you chose, while buying a license or right after you buy it you should supply us 3 domains. You won't be able to change these domains until your license expires. If you need to scan more domains you can either buy a new Netsparker Standard Edition license for an additional 3 domains or you can upgrade to Netsparker Professional to scan unlimited domains.

Can I upgrade it to Netsparker Professional later on?

Yes, you can.

How to choose 3 Domains to Scan? What's a domain?

Standard License can scan only 3 FQDNs, if you want you can give only one or two FQDNs to start your Standard License and add other domains later on.

For example:


As you can see and are separately counted. Though different protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) or ports ( are not separately counted. So and count as one.

Although by default all standard licenses include:

  • localhost
  • "www." subdomain for all requested domains. (i.e. entry will allow you to scan as well )