Keeping Microsoft IIS Web Servers Secure

An IIS security scanner can help you identify misconfigurations in your IIS web server that might lead to security issues. Use the automated Netsparker web security scanner to scan your IIS web server and ensure it is secure.

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Given the prevalence of Microsoft Windows Server in the enterprise, it is no surprise that Microsoft Internet Information Services hosts such a large percentage of the Internet. According to the August 2018 Netcraft Web Server survey, 40.65% of all websites reside on a Microsoft-based server. Microsoft IIS version 7.x accounts for the majority of those sites.

Attackers know IIS is out there, and they scan actively for vulnerable web servers and web applications to exploit with a web vulnerability scanner. Your business needs to stay one step ahead by knowing your attack surface, identifying security holes, and closing them before malicious unauthorized users find their way in.

IIS Security Concerns

The first step in assessing the security of a web server environment is knowing what web servers are in your environment. Your business needs to follow best practices for documenting when systems are deployed and changed. Furthermore, you need to monitor logs regularly and periodically scan the environment, both to ensure that all web servers are where they are supposed to be as well as to identify any undocumented or unauthorized servers that add to the attack surface.

Just as with any operating system or service, keeping software updated is a must. Many attackers are looking for the easiest way to grab the most confidential information. If they find a web server running outdated software like IIS 6, or IIS 7, or any version missing a critical security patch, they will see an easy way in. Finding and upgrading web servers running an outdated or unpatched versions of the IIS web server should be a top priority.

In addition to these concerns, web application scanning matters. Even if a server is patched, your system security may come to naught if poor input validation in an application allows an attacker to compromise client data by exploiting OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).

Surveying and Strengthening Your Security Posture

Web server security and web application security require a multifaceted approach that includes vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and prompt remediation of issues. Netsparker's Web Application Security Scanner forms a strong core for all of these efforts.

Netsparker is versatile. If your entire environment depends on Microsoft technologies such as IIS and SQL Server, we can scan that. If your business uses Linux servers as well, or decides to pivot to others in the future, our web vulnerability scanner remains a useful web penetration testing tool. We offer a full spectrum of security checks that identify vulnerabilities on every web server platform, and in web applications written in any programming language.

Netsparker also saves your information security team time. Our exclusive Proof Based Scanning™ technology means that our scan reports show proof of exploit for the identified vulnerability. Other security tools require your security analysts or penetration testers to spend hours manually validating vulnerabilities and weeding through false positives.

With our dead accurate results, they can see at a glance what vulnerability was found, what attack in the HTTP request was used to exploit the security issue, and what the web server or web application revealed in return. This means security teams can delegate remediation tasks to operations or development teams, let them know exactly what they need to fix and why it matters, and move more quickly to other tasks.

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