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More Than a Scanner – a Complete Workflow Solution for Assessing and Managing Vulnerabilities

Netsparker Team is made for large organizations seeking a complete vulnerability assessment and management solution. This leading-edge web security solution has been successfully employed by businesses representing many industries including IT & telecom, government, finance, education, healthcare, and more. Use it to protect internal and external web assets, data, and your reputation.

Netsparker Enterprise -  Closed Loop

Netsparker Team is a complete web security platform combining vulnerability assessment and vulnerability management. At the heart of it, is the award-winning Netsparker web vulnerability scanner.

Netsparker Enterprise -  Integrations

Netsparker Team is made to adapt to your security and IT infrastructure. You can integrate it with other security tools including issue management, continuous integration and delivery, and other vulnerability management solutions.

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If you seek a cloud solution that's all about reliability, interoperability, flexibility, and scalability, Netsparker Team is for you. You can use it to minimize resource usage while you improve your web security posture.

The Tool You Need When Threats Are Multiplying Faster Than Your Headcount

Cybersecurity is becoming more crucial with time and the number of incidents keeps growing. Organizations rely more and more on their digital resources and a cybersecurity incident may lead to tragic business consequences. At the same time, IT resources are growing in size and complexity, making them impossible to protect with simple tools.

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  • With manual processes and independent tools, you cannot achieve a consistent model of protection. Netsparker Team fully automates processes that are traditionally handled manually. Automation and integration in Netsparker Team also address the growing concern of the widening cybersecurity skill gap.
  • To stay ahead of your competition, you must maintain agility and release features as quick as possible. By integrating Netsparker Team into your software development lifecycle, you can avoid costly product pullbacks due to security issues discovered in production.
  • When remediating vulnerabilities, false positives consume the most resources. With Netsparker’s unique Proof-Based-Scanning™ technology, you can eliminate the need for manual vulnerability confirmation. Your development team avoids losing time and effort on nonexistent issues so they can focus on what they are meant to do – develop new code.

The “No compromises” Web Security Solution – Maximum Detection, Minimum False Positives

Netsparker Team does more than protect your valuable web assets. You can integrate it within your environment and have an invisible watchdog helping you make sure your vulnerabilities are eliminated as efficiently and early as possible. You'll also gain business visibility to focus your efforts and maintain priorities.

Netsparker Enterprise -  Workflow

Netsparker Team integrates with your SDLC and development management systems. This initiates an automated workflow, allowing your team to operate in their normal framework. For example, Netsparker creates an issue in an external tracker, assigns it to a developer, notifies that developer, and automatically retests once the issue is closed.

Netsparker Enterprise -  Issues

Netsparker Team reporting dashboards give you a complete view of the state of your web security. You can evaluate remediation efficiency and identify problem areas to improve.

Netsparker Enterprise -  Scan Report Summary

Netsparker Team is your partner for compliance. With its dedicated compliance reporting (PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and more) and third-party compliance validation (PCI DSS), you can save a lot of resources that would otherwise be consumed to prepare reports manually.

"Netsparker are not just another vendor from where we purchase any other software, they are like business partners."

Jade Ohlhauser, CTO

RPM Software Uses Netsparker Enterprise to Ensure their Online Service Offering is Secure

As a cloud-based software developer and provider, RPM Software is responsible for the sensitive data their customers store on their solutions, hence they cannot afford to take web application security lightly...

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