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The Scanner Designed to Protect Your Business

Netsparker Standard is made for small and medium businesses. You can protect commercial and open-source web products, websites made by third parties, as well as custom-made web applications. If you have several websites based on a popular content management system, run an online shop based on a third-party solution, or build your own application — Netsparker will protect you.

Netsparker Standard -  Analyzes Websites and Web Applications

Netsparker analyzes websites and web applications independent of the technology used to build and execute them. If it is on the web, Netsparker can scan it: both your current web assets and any future ones as well.

Netsparker Standard -  Command Injection

Netsparker doesn't require you to have extensive IT security knowledge. The application is simple to use and explains the errors causing the vulnerabilities so you can easily eliminate them.

Netsparker Enterprise -  Scan Report Summary

Netsparker helps you make the right choices. You can pinpoint critical issues and find out about potential consequences. You can stay one step ahead of attackers by using general reports for management and detailed reports for your IT personnel.

Secure Your Web Applications against the Latest Vulnerabilities

Along with phishing and social engineering, web vulnerabilities are the most common cause of security breaches. If you are not protected, attackers may access your valuable data or customer data. They may also endanger your reputation. What is worse, web vulnerabilities are very specific and no other tool can protect your business against them.

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  • Cybersecurity issues keep getting more common. Web technologies are used not only in desktop but also mobile applications and the Internet of Things. There are more and more attacks worldwide and the risk of you becoming a target grows with time.
  • Antiviruses, anti-malware solutions, firewalls, network scanners, and intrusion detection systems are all helpless against web vulnerabilities. Source code scanners cannot protect third-party applications and libraries. Web application firewalls are only a temporary band-aid.
  • Penetration tests are effective but expensive and you can't perform them daily. They're usually done by third parties, and it’s more cost-efficient for you to eliminate vulnerabilities before starting a manual penetration test.

The “No compromises” Web Scanner – Maximum Detection, Minimum False Positives

There are few web vulnerability scanners on the market and the Netsparker engine is one of the leaders, combining cutting-edge technology with an excellent user interface. With Netsparker, you'll safeguard your web assets easily, even without a dedicated security team.

Netsparker Detection and False Positive Comparison Chart - Mobile Version

Netsparker has been benchmarked as one of the most effective web vulnerability scanners. During tests, it found all the vulnerabilities and reported no false positives, thanks to its proprietary Proof-Based-Scanning™ technology. With Netsparker, you're getting the best.

Netsparker is known for its outstanding scalability. As your business grows, Netsparker will keep up with the pace. Thanks to nearly zero false positives, you’ll never have to worry about your IT personnel hunting for nonexistent problems.

Netsparker is built by passionate security enthusiasts who regularly discover and report new vulnerabilities. We also provide you with world-class support. If you have problems using Netsparker in your environment, we’ll help you.

"Netsparker are not just another vendor from where we purchase any other software, they are like business partners."

Jade Ohlhauser, CTO

RPM Software Uses Netsparker Enterprise to Ensure their Online Service Offering is Secure

As a cloud-based software developer and provider, RPM Software is responsible for the sensitive data their customers store on their solutions, hence they cannot afford to take web application security lightly...

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