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Renewal Price (annual) Free
Seats Unlimited 1   1  
Website Limit Unlimited 3   Unlimited  
High Priority Customer Support    
False-Positive Free    
AJAX/JavaScript Support    
Hassle Free Licensing    
Scheduling Scans    
Command Line Automation    
Heuristic URL Rewrite Detection    
Heuristic Custom 404 Support    
Free Automated Updates    


Form Authentication    
NTLM,Basic,Digest, Negotiate, Kerberos Authentication    
Proxy Authentication    


PDF, Word, Excel, XML Reporting    
Custom Reporting API    

Security Checks

Error Based SQL Injection    
Boolean Based SQL Injection    
Time Based Blind SQL Injection    
Local File Inclusion    
Remote File Inclusions    
Remote Code Injection / Evaluation    
Cross-site Scripting (XSS) via RFI    
Reflective Cross-site Scripting (XSS)    
Permanent/Stored Cross-site Scripting (XSS)    
OS Level Command Injection    
CRLF / HTTP Header Injection / Response Splitting    
Open Redirect    
Find Backup Files    
Crossdomain.xml Analysis    
Finds and Analyse Potential Issues in Robots.txt    
Finds and Analyse Google Sitemap Files    
Detect TRACE / TRACK Method Support    
Detect ASP.NET Debugging    
Detect ASP.NET Trace    
ASP.NET ViewState Analysis    
ViewState is not Signed    
ViewState is not Encrypted    
Post Exploitation Checks    
E-mail Address Disclosure    
Internal IP Disclosure    
Cookies are not marked as Secure    
Cookies are not marked as HTTPOnly    
Directory Listing    
Stack Trace Disclosure    
Version Disclosure    
Access Denied Resources    
Internal Path Disclosure    
Programming Error Messages    
Database Error Messages    
CVS, GIT and SVN Information and Source Code Disclosure    
Find PHPInfo() pages and PHPInfo() disclosures    
Apache Server-Status and Apache Server-Info pages    
Find Hidden Resources    
Basic Authentication over HTTP    
Password Transmitted over HTTP    
Password Form Served over HTTP    
Source Code Disclosure    
Auto Complete Enabled    


SQL Injection - Custom Query    
SQL Injection - Reverse Shell    
LFI - Download Known OS Files    
LFI - Download Website's Source Code    
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Annual Subscription

Netsparker use is licensed as part of an annual subscription which provides the licensee with both regular signature updates and all version updates during the subscription period.

At the end of the subscription period you will be offered the chance to renew your subscription but if you choose not to renew you will no longer be able to use Netsparker.

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