Netsparker Pricing

Great solution, simple pricing

Pay a yearly fee for every website you want to scan. Support and product updates included in the price. No hidden fees, no surprises!


Starting at$4995/yr

(for 5 websites)
On-premises desktop scanner

Standard Includes:

Scan any Web App & Web API

Find vulnerabilities in any type of target regardless of the technology it is built with.

Accurate Proof-Based ScanningTM

Save time by eliminating the need to manually verify vulnerabilities.

Do a Complete Security Audit

Use the built-in proxy for manual crawling, HTTP Request builder and other tools.

Generate Reports

Easily create technical, executive, compliance and any other type of report.


Starting at$7995/yr

(for 5 websites)
Vulnerability scanning & management solution for team collaboration and streamlined workflows.

Everything in Standard, plus:

Centralized Vulnerability Data

All your scan data in one central place to easily report, manage and remediate.

Scan any Websites

Benefit from the power of an on-prem and cloud scanner to scan how and when you want.

Team Collaboration

Centralized reporting & data allows your team to solve security issues together.

Assign Responsibilities & Monitor Progress

Assign tasks and automatically retest vulnerabilities to confirm they have been fixed.

Seamless workflow integration

Easily integrate vulnerability scanning in the SDLC, DevOps & production.

Continuous Web Security Solution

Create a closed loop solution & ensure web applications are scanned throughout all the stages.


Customized on the cloud or on-premises plans for organizations with more than 50 websites.

Everything in Team, plus:

Technical account manager

Dedicated technical guru to help you manage & optimize your web security program.

Customizable Deployment

Host on your own network (on premises), or managed by Netsparker on the cloud, or on your own private cloud account.

All Features

  Standard Team Enterprise
Proof-Based ScanningTM
Integration Capabilities
Pen Testing Tools
Heuristic URL Rewrite Detection
Advanced (Out of Band) Vulnerability Detection
Vulnerability Management System  
Multi-User Support  
Trend Matrix Reports  
Dedicated Tech Support    

Plans for Pentesters & Consultants

You do not know how many websites you need to scan over the next 12 months? We have a plan for you.

  • On-premises scanner for on customer site scans
  • Generate Custom Reports
  • Integrated exploitation and penetration testing tools


"I’ve long been an advocate of Netsparker without incentivisation simply because I believe it’s the easiest on-demand, do it yourself dynamic security analysis tool for the audience I speak to. Web application security scanning done nicely."

Troy Hunt,

Software architect and Microsoft MVP

Pricing F.A.Q

What is a Website?

A website is defined in Netsparker as a fully qualified domain name (FQDN). FQDN is the complete domain name for a specific target and consists of two parts; the hostname and the domain name. For example, the FQDN of our website is and our domain is For example and would be considered as 2 websites.

Are support and product updates included?

Everything is included in the yearly fee. Unlimited support, regular product updates and vulnerability database updates.