Vulnerability Management & Remediation

Netsparker Cloud has all the tools you need to to ensure that all identified vulnerabilities and security flaws are remediated. Similar to a bug tracking system, you can assign the identified vulnerabilities as tasks to other team members to start working on a fix as soon as possible.

Vulnerability Management

Automatic Testing of Fixed Vulnerabilities

Once the assignee applies the vulnerability fix and changes the vulnerability status to Fixed, Netsparker Cloud will automatically scan the website for that vulnerability only and confirm the fix. If the fix does not close the security hole, Netsparker Cloud will automatically open and reassign the task to the team member responsible for remediating the vulnerability. If the fix works, the vulnerability task will be closed.

Keeping Track of Vulnerabilities

Netsparker Cloud allows you to keep track of what is fixed and not, thus giving you the right tools to ensure you only release secure web applications. Use the Tasks node from the Netsparker Cloud menu to get an overview of your tasks and see the list of tasks which were assigned to you and those you assigned to other team members.

NC user tasks to do

You can also see which fixes are still waiting to be tested and which vulnerabilities and security flaws have been fixed. Read about the web vulnerability management and tracking system in Netspraker Cloud for more information.

Get Instantly Notified via Email and SMS of Important Vulnerabilities

When managing mission critical websites it is of utmost importance to address direct impact vulnerabilities at the earliest possible, else you risk attackers finding and exploiting them before you. In Netsparker Cloud you can configure email and SMS alerts so you are instantly notified when vulnerabilities are identified. The notifications are fully configurable, so you can also specify which severity level should the vulnerabilities be for the notification to be sent.

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