Integration and Automating Security in the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

Fully-Blown REST API

When you integrate web application security scans throughout both the design and development stage of a web application you ensure that security is taken care of during the early stages. By doing so you avoid the risk of running high bills at a later stage or having vulnerabilities which cannot be fixed easily because of the logic of web application.

Integrating Netsparker Cloud in your SDLC and Continuous Development is very easy and secure; an API token has to be used for each user. All type of actions such as launching a new web application security scan and getting the results of a scan can be triggered via the API. Detailed API documentation is available in Netsparker Cloud.

Generate ModSecurity Rules from Web Security Scan Results

We understand that it is not always possible to fix the security issues Netsparker Cloud identified on time. In such case do not leave the vulnerability exposed. Generate ModSecurity rules automatically from the web application security scan results to at least cover up the vulnerability until it is fixed.

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