Reports are something you have to deal with, whether you like them or not, especially if you are responsible for the security of a good number of websites and web applications. You will always need reports to share your findings with your superiors or developers, and to get a better overview of the security state of each website. Reports can also help you keep track of the developers’ productivity and capabilities.

Netsparker Cloud Dashboard

The main Netsparker Cloud dashboard summarizes all that is happening in your Netsparker Cloud account. For example you can see how many scans were launched, how many vulnerabilities Netsparker Cloud identified and how many of them are still not fixed. As seen in the below screenshot it also includes trending and other graphs which allow you to get a quick overview of the security state of all the websites being scanned by Netsparker Cloud.

Netsparker Cloud - Reporting1

If you are using groups you can also get an overview of the scans and the results for that particular group by selecting the group from the drop down menu, as shown in the below screenshot.

Netsparker Cloud - Reporting2

Single Website Dashboard

Similar to the main Netsparker Cloud dashboard, the single website dashboard gives you a quick overview of the state of security of a single website.

Netsparker Cloud - Reporting3

From the website dashboard you can get an overview of the site, the change in vulnerabilities when compared to the last scan and when is the next scheduled scan.

Trending Reports and Trend Matrix

Once a website has been scanned multiple times Netsparker Cloud automatically creates trend reports. You can use the Severity Trend graph in the website’s dashboard to get a quick overview on the number of vulnerabilities identified.

For more details about the vulnerabilities identified on the website you can use the Trend Matrix report. As shown in the below screenshot, the trend matrix report gives you information of when a vulnerability was identified the first time, when it was fixed, or when it was reintroduced on the website.

Netsparker Cloud - Reporting4

Reporting Tool to Generate Statistics Reports

Netsparker Cloud also has a Reporting tool that allows you to generate several statistics and trends reports, such as:

  • Vulnerabilities per period
  • Vulnerable website groups per period
  • Vulnerable websites per period
  • Vulnerability trend per period

Refer to the Netsparker Cloud Built-In Reports and Reporting Tool for more detailed information about all the reporting capabilities of Netsparker Cloud.

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