Easy to Use

We understand that you just want to automatically identify vulnerabilities and fix them, and not spend time learning how to use the security tool. That is why we designed Netsparker Cloud with usability among our foremost goals: you can add a new website to the service and launch a web application security scan within a few mouse clicks. You and your team can also use the built-in vulnerability management system to ensure all vulnerabilities are remediated in a timely manner.

Proven Scanning Engine

Netsparker Cloud is built around the already proven scanning engine of Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner, the desktop based vulnerability scanner that lead the field in the 2014 web vulnerability scanner comparison report.

Proof-Based ScanningTM Technology

A false positive is like a false alarm; the web application security scanner indicates that your website is vulnerable while in reality it is not. False positives prolong and hinder the process of securing web applications since a manual follow-up is needed to verify all the reported vulnerabilities. Therefore allocated time is spent manually verifying false positives rather than focusing on what should be done to secure the websites and web applications. That is why in Netsparker we have built the Proof-Based ScanningTM technology, which is a unique technology that automatically confirms the identified vulnerabilities.

Advanced Scanning Technology

Netsparker Cloud hosts an advanced suite of scanning technologies that can probe deep into your web application, identifying security flaws and exploitable vulnerabilities that other products merely leave to chance.

HTML5 Support

HTML5 allows organizations to develop richer, more dynamic and interactive web applications. More complex web applications also mean new vulnerabilities and security issues that malicious hackers can exploit to hack into your website.

Fully Configurable

Netsparker Cloud is a fully configurable online service. You can configure every single aspect of the web security scan like in Netsparker Desktop such as attack options, crawling settings, URL rewrite rules, authentication, HTTP connection options and anything else in the scan policy.


As the name implies Netsparker Cloud is an online software as a service, hence it is fully scalable. You do not need to buy, license, install and support any hardware or software to run web application security scans and you can scan as many websites as you want.

Team Collaboration

Netsparker Cloud has all the right tools for large organizations who have a whole team responsible for the building, maintaining and securing of web applications. Such tools allow all of the team members including managers, developers and QA testers to be easily involved in the whole process of building and securing web applications thus ensuring all identified vulnerabilities are fixed in a timely manner and all web applications are secure.

Vulnerability Management & Remediation

Netsparker Cloud has all the tools you need to to ensure that all identified vulnerabilities and security flaws are remediated. Similar to a bug tracking system, you can assign the identified vulnerabilities as tasks to other team members to start working on a fix as soon as possible.

Vulnerability Details

Unlike other web application security scanners, Netsparker reports vulnerabilities with a high degree of specificity, to ensure developers understand the vulnerability, fix it and learn to develop more secure web applications.


Reports are something you cannot live without, especially if you are responsible for the security of a good number of websites and web applications. You will always need reports to share your findings with your superiors or developers, and to get a better overview of the security state of each website. Reports can also help you keep track of the developers’ productivity and capabilities.

SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) Integration

When you integrate web application security scans throughout every development stage of a web application you ensure that security is taken care of during the early stages of development. By doing so you avoid the risk of running high bills at a later stage or having vulnerabilities which cannot be fixed easily because of the way the web application was built.

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