Importing URLs and HTTP Requests from Third Party Proxies Prior to a Scan

Click the Browse button at the bottom of the settings in the New Scan page to import URLs and HTTP requests from third party proxy logs. In Netsparker Enterprise it is possible to import a list of URLs from the following formats:

  • Fiddler session archives (*.saz)

  • Burp Saved Items (*.xml)

  • Paros log files (*.txt)

  • Web Services Definition Files (*.wsdl)

  • HTTP archive files (*.har)

  • Swagger Files (*.json)

  • REST WADL (Web Application Description Language) Files (*.wadl)

  • ASP.NET Web Forms Project Files (*.csproj,*.vbproj)

  • Postman Files (*.json)

You should specify or import a list of links if there are pages or areas of the website which cannot be crawled automatically, maybe because they are not linked from anywhere else.

Netsparker Enterprise will always follow the scan scope configuration, including inclusion and exclusion of URLs. Therefore if you are scanning and your import has links to, only the links for will be imported.

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