Configuring URL Rewrite Rules

Netsparker Enterprise has three URL rewrite rules options that can be configured from the URL Rewrite drop down menu in the New Scan page.

Screenshot 13 – URL Rewrite Options in Netsparker Enterprise

Screenshot 13 – URL Rewrite Options in Netsparker Enterprise

  • Use Heuristic URL Rewrite Support: When this option is enabled Netsparker Enterprise will automatically detect if URL rewrite is enabled on the target website. If it is enabled the scanner automatically creates URL rewrite rules to be able to scan the parameters in the URLs as explained in Automatic Detection and Configuration of URL Rewrite Rules.

  • Use Custom URL Rewrite Rules: If the target website uses URL Rewrite and you want to configure the URL rewrite rules manually, use this option. When you configure URL Rewrite rules the scan will attack the parameters according to the configured URL rewrite rules and the scan will be faster and the scanner's coverage is increased. Therefore it is always recommended to configure URL Rewrite rules. Follow the guide How to Configure URL Rewrite Rules in Netsparker to configure URL rewrite rules and scan parameters in URLs.

  • No URL Rewrite: If there are no URL Rewrite rules enabled on the target website select this option.

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