Scan as Many Websites as You Want, When You Want

As the name implies Netsparker Cloud is an online software as a service, hence it is fully scalable. You do not need to buy, license, install and support any hardware or software to run web application security scans and you can scan as many websites as you want.

If you need to immediately scan all your websites because of a critical vulnerability outbreak such as Shellshock,  just login to Netsparker Cloud and launch the scans with just a click of a button. If you need to add more websites to your web application security plan, or you have a new customer that requires you to scan hundreds of websites in just a few days, login to Netsparker Cloud and add the websites with just a few clicks so they are immediately scanned without you having the need to cater for additional resources.

Organize Websites with Groups

Netsparker Cloud allows you to easily keep track of the state of security of all web applications, even when you have hundreds or thousands of websites. You can use “Groups” to group a number of websites and scan all of them at the same time with just a single click.

You can also configure a scan policy for each group of websites hence you can configure crawling and attack options, vulnerability checks, HTTP connection options and all other configurable security scan options for when scanning all the websites and web applications within that group.


With groups you can also filter the list of websites in the Netsparker Cloud dashboard to easily get a better overview of the security state of that group of websites.

Apply for Netsparker Cloud Trial

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