Ease Collaboration and Improve Productivity to Ensure Web Application Security

Netsparker Cloud has all the right tools large web application development teams need. Such tools allow all of the team members including managers, developers and QA testers to be easily involved in the whole process of building and securing web applications thus ensuring all identified vulnerabilities are fixed in a timely manner and all web applications are secure.

Multi User Support

Netsparker Cloud is a multi user platform. Once you sign up you can invite all the other team members to join and access the same account at no additional cost.

Team Collaboration -1

Granular and Configurable User Privileges

We understand that not all the users need to have the same privileges. You can configure different privileges for different users in Netsparker Cloud. For example you can allow a specific user to see the scan reports of a group of websites only, or allow a user to configure and start scans for websites.

Team Collaboration -2

Team Members Activity Logs

Netsparker Cloud also keeps track of every team member’s action in an activity log. This allows you to keep track of everything that is happening on your Netsparker Cloud account while also ensuring the productivity of all the team members and the security of all web applications. All the relevant details are reported for each action such as the date and time, source IP address, username, the actual action and more as shown in the below screenshot.

Team Collaboration -3