Ensure You Always Use Secure All Off-the-Shelf Web Applications, Libraries and Frameworks

Off-the-shelf web applicationsOff-the-shelf web applications such as WordPress and Drupal, and libraries & frameworks such as AngularJS and jQuery are commonly used in modern business-centric websites and web applications. And like any other web application and software these off-the-shelf web components have their own security flaws.

Therefore if they are not kept up to date (and let's face it, we all forget about that components we use in our web applications!) they will render the website vulnerable to malicious hack attacks, as happened in one of the most high profile information disclosure hack attacks.

Automatically Detect Off-the-Shelf Web Applications and Frameworks

The Netsparker web application security scanners automatically fingerprint off-the-shelf web applications and JavaScript libraries used on the target websites and check if they are vulnerable. If they are you will be alerted, thus avoiding the risk of running outdated and potentially vulnerable software on your websites and web applications.

Netsparker Cloud identified an outdated version of the JQuery library

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