Automate Testing of Vulnerability Fixes

The more websites you have, the more vulnerabilities there are to fix. And ensuring that all vulnerabilities are fixed and all web applications are secure is no easy feat, but with Netsparker Cloud you can automate most of the processes.


When a vulnerability is assigned as a task to a developer, once the developer fixes the issue and marks it as fixed Netsparker Cloud will automatically scan the target for that vulnerability. If the issue is fixed Netsparker Cloud will automatically close the issue, but if the fix is not good the task will be automatically re-opened and assigned back to the developer.

Easily Retest All Fixes and Save Time

Once all vulnerabilities and security flaws have been fixed you can launch a retest scan. During a retest scan Netsparker Cloud will only check that all reported vulnerabilities have been fixed, which means the scan will only take just a few minutes.

Automate Testing of Vulnerability Fixes

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