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Online Vulnerability Scanner for Website Security

Netsparker is a scalable multi-user online vulnerability scanner with built-in enterprise workflow and testing tools.

Netsparker can identify thousands of different security vulnerability variants, including SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting (XSS), DOM XSS, Local File Inclusion and flaws listed in the OWASP Top 10 list of most critical security issues.


Affordable & Maintenance-Free Online Security Scanner

Embrace the benefits of the cloud! With Netsparker you do not need to buy, license, install and support any hardware or software. Simply pay a yearly fee and use the online vulnerability scanner to scan as many web applications and web services as you want, from anywhere using the web based dashboard.

Dead Accurate Vulnerability Scanning Technology

Netsparker exclusively uses the Proof-Based ScanningTM technology, which automatically exploits the identified vulnerabilities in a read only and safe way. Upon exploiting the vulnerabilities the scanner also generates a proof of exploit, to prove that they are not false positives. Therefore the scan reports are dead accurate and your team does not have to waste days manually verifying if the scan reports have false positives or not.

Scalable & Always Available: Scan As Many Websites As You Want, When You Want

Launch as many web application vulnerability scans as you want within just a few minutes. A new vulnerability such as Heartbleed or Shellshock is being exploited in the wild? Do you need to scan 500, or 1000 web applications in just a few hours? You have new web applications that you need to add to your extensive web vulnerability scanning program? Login to Netsparker online vulnerability scanner and launch the application security scans. And since the scan results do not contain false positives you can instantly start triaging vulnerabilities and get them fixed before the bad guys exploit them.

Fully Configurable Online Web Vulnerability Scanner

Netsparker is a fully configurable online vulnerability scanner. You can configure every single aspect of the web application security scan including scan policies, attack options, HTTP options, URL rewrite rules, authentication options and everything else.

Scan Any Website & Find More Vulnerabilities with Dead Accurate Scanning Technology

Scan Any Website & Find More Vulnerabilities with Dead Accurate Scanning Technology

Netsparker fully supports AJAX and JavaScript-based applications, so you can rely on the dead accurate comprehensive security scanning technology to find vulnerabilities in HTML5, Web 2.0 and Single page web applications. With Netsparker you can scan any type of web application, web server and web API, irrelevant of the technology it is built with.

Easily Integrate Web Security Scanning In Your SDLC

The online vulnerability scanner Netsparker has a web service based REST API that allows you to remotely trigger new web vulnerability scans from anywhere and anytime. The API helps organizations automate web application security in their SDLC, DevOps and live environments. They can launch vulnerability scans throughout every stage of the software development lifecycle.

It also has out of the box support for CI/CD, bug tracking and vulnerability management solutions so it can be easily integrated in your environment. When integrated Netsparker can also automatically post the identified security problems in other solutions and keep track of them until the developer remediates the issue.

Enterprise Level Collaboration Made Easy

Add all your team members and configure the required privileges on Netsparker, allowing them to use all the enterprise level workflow tools to collaborate, share all the security findings and streamline the process of securing web applications and vulnerability triage.

Easily Keep Track of the Security of all Web Applications

Easily Keep Track of the Security of all Web Applications

Web applications are constantly evolving. New features and functionality that potentially open new security flaws are the order of the day, hence why it is important to do a frequent security assessment of all your web applications. The Netsparker web security testing solution dashboard allows you to easily keep an eye on the state of security of all web applications, and the correlated trending reports help you keep track of the quality of work of your developers.

The Online Netsparker Web Application Security Solution

Save your security team hundreds of hours with Netsparker's web security scanner.


Case Studies

Case Study of ING Bank

Ing EurAsia Bank

Case Study of Oakland University

Oakland University

Case Study of Morneau Shepell

Morneau Shepell

Case Study of Secwatch



What Our Customers are Saying

This is probably the best web-app tool that I have ever seen. Of course, I am not a hacker... Really :) But I have reviewed some penetration test results and other tools, and of course I know a lot of hackers, so I can say that your tool covers all of the most important things.

Eli Jellenc

International Cyber Threat Analysis Manager - Verisign

The software is an important part of my security strategy which is in progress toward other services at OECD. And I find it better than external expertise. I had, of course, the opportunity to compare expertise reports with Netsparker ones. Netsparker was better, finding more breaches.

Bruno Urban


You guys rock as you listen to the users.

Cecil Su

Grant Thornton

When you have to scan hundreds of web applications and identify exploitable vulnerabilities on all of them, Netsparker is THE essential easy to use tool that provides professional reports with clear explanations and steps to remedy them.

Mihai Petre

Morneau Shepell

When we were evaluating web application security scanners, Netsparker was the scanner that identified most vulnerabilities without requiring any configuration changes. It also identified several SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting vulnerabilities that other scanners did not identify.

Perry Mertens

ING Eurasia Bank

We chose Netsparker since it is very easy to use. It helped our team increase the visibility into the security of our web applications,
It is more tailored to web application security and has features that allow the university to augment its web application security needs.

Dan Fryer

Oakland University

Save your security team hundreds of hours with Netsparker's web security scanner.