CEO Ferruh Mavituna Discusses the Web Application Security Scanner of Netsparker at the Blackhat USA Conference 2011

It all started back in 2006. Penetration tester and security researcher Ferruh Mavituna was spending hours and days manually verifying the results of automated web security scans, weeding out false positives.

False positives have always been a pain point of automated web security tools. Ferruh’s frustration fuelled his ambition to build an automated web application security scanner that generates dead accurate web assessments, a solution users can trust.

Netsparker, the web application security scanner that automatically verifies the identified vulnerabilities, was first released on the market in 2009. The secret behind Netsparker’s dead accuracy is its proprietary and cutting-edge Proof-Based Scanning Technology.

When Netsparker was first released many were skeptical of the dead-accurate claim. Established industry vendors claimed that it is not possible to build an accurate scanner. Back then vendors told their users that it is better to manually verify the identified vulnerabilities than not having any vulnerabilities to verify.

Fast forward to today and vendors are now trying to emulate Netsparker’s exclusive technology. The Netsparker web application security solution is a leading player in the industry. It has been at the forefront of web application security automation and has pioneered several other technologies that enabled businesses to automate most of their vulnerability assessments and triage processes.

Netsparker’s technology has been the best performing in terms of vulnerability detection and accuracy in several independent scanner comparisons. World leading and renowned businesses such as Samsung, NASA, Microsoft and Siemens trust and use Netsparker to ensure the security of their web applications, web services, and web APIs.



Obsessed about automating web application security, allowing businesses to identify security issues in thousands of websites within just hours.


Passionate about building cutting-edge technology to help businesses keep their web applications secure.


Go the extra mile to support our customers and provide the best customer service possible.


Share our web security knowledge and expertise to help businesses and everyone else in the market better understand web application security.


Ferruh Mavituna

Ferruh Mavituna

Chief Executive Officer

Ferruh's deep understanding of web application security was the driving force behind Netsparker's success. Before founding Netsparker, Ferruh has worked as a freelance security consultant for the Turkish Army and several big customers in the USA and UK. Ferruh mostly focuses on web application security research and automated vulnerability detection & exploitation. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and podcasts, and has released several research papers and tools.

Kevin Gallagher

Kevin Gallagher

Chief Revenue Officer

Kevin is a top performing senior executive with more than 18 years’ experience in managing, bringing to market and selling innovative software management solutions to various high value market segments. Having worked at both start up's and well established companies, Kevin has earned recognition as a top - producing sales executive, serving as a motivating team leader and mentor.


Netsparker has passed incredible landmarks since it started in 2006...and we are not slowing down either:


Netsparker is a distributed and multicultural company.


Netsparker Team scans tens of thousands web applications each month.


Netsparker has over 1,000 active customers from all industry verticals.


Number of zero-day vulnerability advisories published since 2011: 145


Over 70 employees hailing from eight different nationalities, working from seven different countries.


Number of times Netsparker Standard was downloaded since 2010: 1 million +


First line of code written.
Mavituna Security Ltd (which today is Netsparker Ltd) established with Angel Investment.
Launch of Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner & first official sale.
Netsparker Enterprise Development Started.
Announced the unique and cutting edge Proof Based vulnerability scanning technology, the only technology that generates a proof of exploit upon automatically verifying an identified vulnerability.
Netsparker wins silver for Innovations in Technology for Security Software at the Golden Bridge Awards.
Netsparker raises $40 Million to accelerate the growth of leading web application security software.
Netsparker honoured with a Queen’s award for Enterprise in the International Trade category.


Shay Chen, Information Security, Analyst, Tool Author and Speaker

“Netsparker is Stable, Accurate and Versatile, with a lot of thought put into each of its features. An excellent product in the arsenal of any security professional.”

Shay Chen, Information Security, Analyst, Tool Author and Speaker

Troy Hunt, Software architect and Microsoft MVP

"I’ve long been an advocate of Netsparker without incentivisation simply because I believe it’s the easiest on-demand, do it yourself dynamic security analysis tool for the audience I speak to. Web application security scanning done nicely."

Troy Hunt, Software architect and Microsoft MVP


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