Automatically Scan your Websites for Vulnerabilities with Netsparker

Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner is an easy to use web vulnerability scanner that automatically identifies SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting and other vulnerabilities and security issues on your websites and web applications automatically.

Netsparker is the ONLY False Positive Free security scanner; no need to spend countless hours verifying the scanner findings and immediately focus on remediation.

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Are your websites and web applications vulnerable to SQL Injection, XSS and other vulnerabilities and security issues?

Firewalls, SSL encryption and locked down servers don’t protect your websites from malicious hacker attacks! Find out whether your web applications are vulnerable with Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner. Netsparker enables you to:

  • Check web applications for XSS, SQL injection and other exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Scan any type of web application built with PHP, .NET, JAVA or any other framework
  • Scan custom made and modern Web 2.0 and HTML5 Web Applications
  • Check your web applications for coding errors that result in security vulnerabilities
  • Generate regulatory compliance and legal web application security reports

Netsparker is the only web vulnerability scanner with a built in exploitation engine that confirms vulnerabilities and lets you see the impact of an attack at a click of a button. It is an easy to use and automated false-positive free web vulnerability scanner which means there is no learning curve. Netsparker vastly reduces the time spent on vulnerability detection and testing, thus leaving you with more time on your hands to remediate all the security issues and ensure the security of your web applications.

Some of Our Customers

Some of Netsparker Customers

What Our Customers Are Saying

I had the opportunity to compare external expertise reports with Netsparker ones. Netsparker was better, finding more breaches. It’s a very good product for me.


Bruno Urban


As opposed to other web application scanners, Netsparker is very easy to use. An out of the box installation can detect more vulnerabilities than any other scanner.

ING Bank

Perry Mertens

ING Bank

We chose Netsparker because it is more tailored to web application security and has features that allow the university to augment its web application security needs.

Oakland University

Dan Fryer

Oakland University