Choosing the Right IT Security Software Tools

Businesses are focusing on web security to ensure the web & cloud based services they use are secure. Web application security is not easy, hence why even seasoned professionals need IT security software tools.

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In order to keep your business secure, you need a full range of IT security tools. Network security scanners and similar testing tools are useful for mapping out the IP addresses on your network and its perimeter to identifying vulnerable systems and services. Penetration testing tools help you get in the mind of an attacker to try and break into the system. Intrusion detection systems and real-time security monitoring and analysis tools such as Snort can help detect suspicious activity and identify attackers in the network.

However, these security tools do not paint the entire picture. More and more businesses are depending on web applications and the cloud to connect with customers, clients and business partners. So web application security needs to be included in your security program. To test web applications and cloud security, and be confident that they are not the weakest link in your business's data security because of the security vulnerabilities they might have, you need security software built for the purpose.

You need the Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner.

The Most Accurate Web Application Scanner on the Market

Netsparker has a full suite of vulnerability checks for critical web application issues listed in the OWASP Top 10 and beyond, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), local and remote file inclusions etc. But, extensive vulnerability checks are only part of the battle: you need to be confident that your security tool’s findings are accurate.

Netsparker is the only web application security scanner that features the Proof-Based Scanning™ technology. This means when it reports security vulnerabilities, it also generates a proof of exploit. So for example, when it detects a SQL injection vulnerability it extracts data related to the database and server by exploiting the vulnerability. Therefore with a proof of exploit, Netsparker highlights the impact of the exploited vulnerability, helps developers better understand the issue, and also confirms the vulnerability is not a false positive.

That way, instead of your security team or developers spending days and weeks manually verifying results and seeding out false positives, they can get directly to higher-value tasks such as fixing the reported security vulnerabilities and performing other web security testing.

Netsparker: As Flexible As Your Business

No matter how your infrastructure is configured now, or in the future, Netsparker can grow with you and your software security program.

The Netsparker Web Application Security Solution is available in two editions. The Enterprise edition is a software as a service. It can be externally hosted or run on-premises in your own data center. It provides extensive vulnerability management tools, reporting, and collaboration features that help keep security, development, and IT staff involved at every step of the web application security process. It also integrates with multiple devops frameworks and services used for interoperability and continuous integration, thus can easily fit in your secure SDLC. On the other hand, the Standard edition is perfect for individual users, particularly those who plan to use the scan results and its tools as part of their extensive web penetration testing.

Scan Any Type of Web Application & Web API

Both editions are based on Netsparker's suite of advanced scanning technologies. The scanner is technology-independent, and able to identify security flaws no matter how the web application is built. Be it a Linux based PHP web application, JAVA, a .NET on Windows, or an off-the-shelf open source solution such as WordPress or Joomla!, Netsparker can scan it. It’s advanced crawling technology can crawl and parse the most advanced and complex web applications, including HTML5 and Single Page Applications (SPAs), which heavily depend on client side technology such as JavaScript.

Scan the Web Server Your Web Applications Are Hosted On

The web server is also part of the attack surface that malicious hacker target. That is why Netsparker is also a web server security software - if your web application is hosted on a Linux based web server such as Apache or Tomcat, or on a Microsoft Windows IIS web server, Netsparker scans it for misconfigurations that might lead to security flaws.

Scalability Through Trust and Technology

Only with Netsparker’s unique trustworthy web security scan results and technology it is possible to scale up the efforts and scan thousands of web applications and web APIs within a matter of days. Because unlike when using another solution, your team does not have to verify the findings and can focus on triaging and addressing the issues.

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What our customers are saying

"I had the opportunity to compare external expertise reports with Netsparker ones. Netsparker was better, finding more breaches. It’s a very good product for me."
"As opposed to other web application scanners, Netsparker is very easy to use. An out of the box installation can detect more vulnerabilities than any other scanner."
"We chose Netsparker because it is more tailored to web application security and has features that allow the university to augment its web application security needs."

Save your security team hundreds of hours with Netsparker's web security scanner.

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