React Quickly to High-Impact Vulnerabilities

In a perfect world, every critical vulnerability you find in one of your web applications would be fixed in a matter of minutes. In reality, this can take much longer – and during this time your application is still vulnerable to attack. Web application firewalls are like a security band-aid that blocks vulnerabilities until they are fixed. Netsparker integrates with leading web application firewall products to automate this process while your team works to resolve the issue at the source.

Web Application Firewall WAF Integration

Resolve the Real Issue

A Web Application Firewall should be seen as a first line of defense, not a long term solution for reducing risk. Netsparker can integrate into your WAF to provide a defensive shield against identified vulnerabilities -- but ultimately the vulnerabilities need to be fully removed.

Confident Automation

When you need to block user requests to prevent attacks, there is no room for uncertainty. With Netsparker’s Proof-Based Scanning technology, you can be confident that vulnerabilities marked as confirmed are real and exploitable – so your WAF will not block legitimate requests. API integration with leading WAF products allows you to automatically generate WAF rules based on scan results, saving time and keeping your web assets secure.

Broad Integration

Netsparker features out-of-the-box integration with several leading WAF products, including AWS, Cloudflare, and Imperva SecureSphere. Use the intuitive UI to quickly set up firewall integration in a way that works best for your environment. Export WAF rules manually or automate rule generation and notifications for maximum security and productivity.

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