Vulnerability Trend Report

For each site and application that you scan, Netsparker automatically generates an intelligent comparison report: the Trend Matrix. This aggregates results from recent scans of the same target to show your current security status while also identifying vulnerability trends over time. With the Trend Matrix report, you can quickly identify priority issues and track remediation efforts to improve security in the long run.

See Your Vulnerability Status at a Glance

The Trend Matrix report lists all vulnerabilities that were found in recent scans of the selected site, giving you a quick overview of your security status. For each issue, you can see the exact URL where the vulnerability was found as well as the request parameter and method used. You can also filter the report by issue severity to quickly identify your priorities and then drill down to specific vulnerability reports.

Identify Vulnerability Trends

When you scan your websites and applications on a regular basis, making sense of all the scan results to identify trends can be challenging. With the Trend Matrix report, Netsparker automatically collates data from multiple scans to identify recurring issues, helping you plan and track remediation work. Issues are color-coded for easy status tracking, so you can immediately see if, for example, your team is moving towards green on fixing critical issues or still stuck in the red.

Quickly Spot Reintroduced Issues

For every application security bug, there are many possible fixes. If a developer fixes the immediate issue but not the underlying vulnerability or simply makes the same mistake again, a resolved bug may well resurface in the future. Netsparker tracks all vulnerabilities across multiple scans, automatically identifies past issues that have been reintroduced, and highlights them in the Trend Matrix report for a quicker fix.

Improve Security in the Long Run

If the Trend Matrix shows that the same vulnerabilities are appearing repeatedly or you are not making progress on reducing the number of open issues, this may signal deeper problems that you need to address. Based on trends identified by Netsparker, you might decide to streamline your resolution workflows, train your developers in secure coding practices, or perhaps move to a more secure application framework. Whatever you choose, Netsparker provides you with the information you need to not only fix current issues but also steadily improve your application security posture.


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