Role-Based User Management with Unlimited Provisioning

When you buy and use Netsparker, our focus is on helping you to test and secure your web assets in whatever way is best for your unique requirements. Licensing is based on the number of sites you want to scan, not the number of seats or users, so you can set up as many or as few users as you need. Combined with configurable user roles and privileges, this allows you to provide direct or API-based access to Netsparker to everyone who needs it, including the developers who will be fixing most of the security issues.

Provision All the Users You Need

When you have a mission-critical site or application to secure, you shouldn’t need to worry about the number of seats or users. With Netsparker, you can create and assign as many users as you need to get the job done – at no extra cost. Even if your application grows rapidly and your development and security teams double or triple headcount in a matter of months, you can add all these new users to Netsparker without spending an extra penny.

Shift Security Left by Involving the Developers

Large organizations often employ hundreds of developers but only a handful of security engineers, so involving the developers is the only realistic way to handle application security at scale. No matter how many web developers you have, you can give them all access to Netsparker to take the administrative load off the security team, setting up access permissions as required. By embedding application security testing into development pipelines, you can create an efficient and repeatable workflow to improve security in the long run.

Set up Netsparker for Maximum Efficiency

With unlimited provisioning and role-based user management, you can set up Netsparker in a way that best suits your organization and workflows. Combined with the accuracy of Proof-Based Scanning™ and the convenience of automated notifications, this lets you cut down on routine manual tasks and streamline the remediation process. That way, your teams get more done in less time and with better results.

Visibility and Accountability

When you are securing dozens of websites and applications that are developed and maintained by multiple teams across a large organization, matching vulnerabilities to developers can require time-consuming detective work. In Netsparker, you can define website groups, specify a technical contact for each group, and assign users to the right groups, so you always know who is responsible for what. This also provides accountability and executive visibility, allowing management to quickly follow up with the right people to act on long-term security trends.

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