Identify All Your Web Technologies

Netsparker’s discovery service helps you identify all your web-facing assets, but the Technologies feature goes even deeper to detect all versions of technologies, frameworks, and libraries used by these assets. This is extremely valuable information, since outdated libraries and frameworks used in long-forgotten web applications can provide attackers with easy entry points into your web infrastructure. Even if your application code has no vulnerabilities, the application will not be secure if it uses an old and vulnerable external library or CMS.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) integration Netsparker

Minimize your Attack Surface

Research shows that a large proportion of JavaScript libraries are never updated after initial installation, even if new versions are available. Old and vulnerable versions can linger on for many years, leaving your organization wide open to well-known and avoidable attacks. Just as with asset discovery, you can’t secure what you don’t know about. The Technologies feature gives you visibility into the installed components of your web application infrastructure, including:

  • JavaScript libraries
  • Web development frameworks
  • Web servers
  • CMS deployments
  • Programming languages
  • Database servers

Streamline Software Administration

In addition to improving web application security, discovering all your web technologies can help you manage your infrastructure and reduce administration costs. Clear reports make it easy to determine which components need to be upgraded, which must stay but need special care to avoid vulnerable features, and which are no longer used and can be removed from your systems.

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