Easily Scale Up Web Application Security

Anyone can scale vulnerability scanning, but only Netsparker truly helps you scale your web application security. Scan as many websites as you need without an army of security professionals. Use the full potential of Netsparker’s automation and integration features to discover, scan, and secure all your web applications, even with a small security team.

Scale up your web application security with Netsparker

Out-of-the-Box Scanning Scalability

Vulnerability scanning with Netsparker is fully scalable. You do not need to buy, license, install or support any additional hardware or software to run web application security scans. Whether you are running a routine scan or responding to a newly discovered vulnerability, simply log in to Netsparker and launch as many scans as you need. Even if the number of web assets increases from one day to the next, just add the scan targets in Netsparker and they will be scanned without the need for additional resources.

Confident Automation

Accurate scanning is just the first step in fixing vulnerabilities. To make sure that vulnerabilities are fixed, not just detected, you need automated processes that can keep pace with scanning. Netsparker uses proprietary Proof-Based ScanningTM technology to automatically confirm most direct-impact vulnerabilities. With SDLC and workflow integration, these verified results can go straight to the developers to fix. Netsparker restores confidence in vulnerability scanning and opens the way to truly scalable automation.

Save your security team hundreds of hours with Netsparker’s web security scanner.

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