Flexible Deployment Options

Netsparker was designed using a modular architecture that decouples vulnerability scanning from management. This opens up a variety of deployment models, allowing organizations to align scanning to their internal structures and workflows. Decentralized Netsparker deployments with internal scan agents can combine consistent vulnerability scanning with centralized visibility in a wide variety of environments.

Align Security Testing to Your Environment

Netsparker uses internal scan agents that report to a central application server. This lets you match the Netsparker deployment model to your specific application environment, from point-and-click on-demand scanning in all-cloud deployments to custom headless scanning setups or intricate on-premise environments that span multiple physical locations. With flexible deployment options, you can configure the tool to match your infrastructure, not the other way around.

Distribute Vulnerability Scanning, Centralize Management

Large organizations can have dozens of application development, staging, and production environments that all need to be scanned separately. At the same time, the central security team and management expect a centralized and up-to-date view of the application security status. By deploying multiple scan agents that report to a central system, you can efficiently decentralize scanning while reaping the benefits of centralized vulnerability management and visibility.

Maximize Test Coverage

Netsparker is built with the goal of testing every part of every website and application that it scans. Flexible deployment options allow you to bring its sophisticated crawler, highly accurate scanning engine, and advanced authentication support into any application testing environment for maximum test coverage. That way, you can be sure that the results you are seeing reflect your actual security status.

Scale Testing As Your Needs Grow

For cloud-based deployments on Amazon Web Services, you can automate Netsparker scan agents to improve scalability and performance. If you set a Netsparker scan agent to cloud mode and enable automatic scaling in the cloud, a new cloud agent will be automatically created every time a scan is launched and automatically destroyed when the scan ends. This eliminates the need to manually configure additional agents as scanning needs grow – when a new website, web service or application environment instance goes live, you can automatically fire up one or more agents to test it. Read more: https://www.netsparker.com/flexible-deployment-options-netsparker-scan-agents-white-paper

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