Continuous Web Asset Discovery

Many organizations drastically underestimate the number of websites, web services, APIs, and web applications they own. These lost, forgotten, or unauthorized web assets create security blind spots that leave enterprises exposed. Netsparker automatically discovers web assets on a continuous basis to ensure that the entire application attack surface is known and considered.

Know Your Attack Surface

Every single web asset all across your organization contributes to your overall attack surface. Before you can even think about finding and eliminating vulnerabilities in your websites and applications, you need to know what you have. As soon as you start using Netsparker, the automated asset discovery engine gets to work, detecting web-facing assets associated with your organization. The discovery results show your immediate attack surface, including forgotten and abandoned assets that could provide attackers with an entry point.

Get Quick Results and Automatic Updates

Netsparker’s discovery engine uses a proprietary and highly optimized database of global web assets to run its discovery queries, so you get your first results in a matter of seconds. Starting with your company domain as the initial input, you can then customize and fine-tune the discovery process to exclude specific results or manually add domains for analysis. Netsparker will then keep track of your discovery status and automatically notify you whenever new web-facing assets are detected for your organization, with no user interaction required.

Make Informed Security Decisions

Discovery is the first step towards making fact-based security decisions. Even before you start scanning, you might decide to take down forgotten assets that are no longer used but increase your attack surface, such as test application deployments or marketing sites for ancient campaigns. You can then launch a vulnerability scan to test the security of your organization’s web environment. For each site, Netsparker clearly shows what issues were found and automatically triages them by potential impact to help you guide remediation efforts.

Take Control of Your Web Inventory

Putting up a new website or application has become so easy that many businesses are losing track of what they have out there. Maintaining an inventory of web-facing assets and their owners is a security best practice that helps to minimize the attack surface and streamline issue resolution. Netsparker’s discovery module provides an easy starting point for this, allowing you to export discovery results and feed them into your inventory. With automatic updates and notifications, you can be sure that newly added assets don’t slip under the radar.

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