Boost Security through Collaboration

Security at scale is all about teamwork, so efficient collaboration is critical to maximize productivity. As organizations and teams grow, assigning tasks and responsibilities becomes a major challenge. Add team members to Netsparker to ease collaboration, automate communications, increase visibility, and help your teams direct all their efforts to improving web application security.

Boost Security through Collaboration

Involve Everyone in Security

Effective web application security processes should include people all across the software development lifecycle. Netsparker’s built-in workflow tools allow all team members, including managers, developers, and QA testers, to be involved in the process of building and securing web applications.

Netsparker is designed as a multi-user solution, featuring:

  • Granular and configurable user privileges
  • Team member activity logs
  • Seamless scan data sharing between Netsparker editions
  • Configurable alerts via email, SMS, and issue tracker integration to automatically notify the right people about scan progress and critical issues

Streamline Communication with Automated Notifications

With the right solutions and workflows, you can eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth between security teams and developers. Netsparker provides a solid foundation of accurate and trustworthy results, allowing you to confidently automate everything that can be automated. Eliminate communication bottlenecks with automatic notifications that go straight to the right people in the tools they already use.

Save your security team hundreds of hours with Netsparker’s web security scanner.

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