Automate Vulnerability Triage and Management

Once the scanning and vulnerability assessment is ready, you need to triage the vulnerabilities, report them, and follow up with your team to make sure each one is addressed.

If you only have a handful of web applications, you might be able to do this manually. But what if you have hundreds or even thousands of web applications? Automation is the only way to go, and Netsparker has all the tools you need to automate the post-scan process and ensure that all vulnerabilities are reported and fixed before your web application goes live.

Automated vulnerability processing with Netsparker

Integrated Issue Management and Notifications

Netsparker has a built-in vulnerability management system that can be configured to automatically assign any identified issues to developers and then follow up on the fixes. If you already have your own issue or vulnerability management solution, Netsparker can integrate with it to report issues and assign them to your developers.

Workflow Notifications and Automatic Fix Retesting

Netsparker monitors vulnerability remediation activities, so when a developer fixes a security flaw, it is automatically retested. If the vulnerability still exists, Netsparker assigns it back to the developer without involving the security team. Netsparker can send notifications to alert team members when critical issues are found or when a task has been assigned. Notification options include email, SMS, and many popular ticketing systems.

Save your security team hundreds of hours with Netsparker’s web security scanner.

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