Automated Vulnerability Triaging and Remediation

When the vulnerability scan has finished and you have your scan results, you need to face the daunting task of verifying, triaging, and addressing the issues that were found. In a large organization with hundreds of websites and applications, this can leave your security team with a backlog of thousands of issues to process and manage. Accurate automation is the practical solution to this challenge, so Netsparker provides the tools you need to automate the post-scan process and get measurable security improvements.

Take Control of Your Application Security

Without trustworthy results and maximum automation, you will never be fully in control of your web application security, especially at enterprise scale. Netsparker automates everything that can be automated in the vulnerability remediation process, from vulnerability confirmation and triaging right through to fix retesting. This lets you see measurable improvements from day one and streamline every aspect of your web application security program.

Eliminate Security Testing Bottlenecks

When every vulnerability report has to be manually checked and processed by the security team, security becomes a development bottleneck that creates internal friction and can delay releases. To take the load off your security engineers, Netsparker automatically confirms major vulnerabilities using Proof-Based Scanning™ and then assigns accurate severity ratings. Proven high-impact vulnerabilities can even go directly into the right developer’s issue tracker without any input from the security team to cut down on manual processing and communication overhead.

Automate Issue Assignment and Fix Retesting

To ensure that your developers have all the information they need to fix security flaws, every automatic ticket created by Netsparker comes with a detailed vulnerability report. This indicates the issue location, shows the impact of the vulnerability, and provides remediation guidance to minimize the need to follow up with security engineers for clarification. Netsparker also monitors vulnerability remediation activities, so when a developer marks a security bug as fixed in the issue tracker, Netsparker automatically tests the fix. If the vulnerability still exists, it is assigned back to the developer – and all without burdening your security team.

Streamline Vulnerability Management

Thanks to two-way integration with popular issue trackers such as Jira, vulnerabilities in Netsparker stay in sync with developer tickets, so your security staff never have to ask for status updates. Netsparker can also notify team members when issues are found or when a task has been assigned, again cutting down on manual communication. Notification options include email, SMS, and popular issue trackers and collaboration platforms. By automating routine communication and notifications, you can help your teams focus on tasks that really require human expertise.

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