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Built-In Tools for Advanced Assessments

To optimize penetration testing effectiveness, Netsparker incorporates a range of commonly used utility features and tools.

When you need to investigate or visualize a challenging security vulnerability, it's reassuring to know that all the security tools you need are already present in Netsparker. These are some of the advanced web security testing tools Netsparker has created.

HTTP Request Builder

Netsparker HTTP Request Builder

You can use the HTTP Request Builder to create your own HTTP requests or modify imported requests. This is extremely useful during a manual vulnerability assessment, or when troubleshooting a particular problem, such as identifying logical vulnerabilities.

Encoding and Decoding Tools

Netsparker Encoding and Decoding Tool

To facilitate the use of Netsparker's manual override tools, Netsparker includes a text encoder and decoder that supports encoding of URL, HTML, Base64, UTF7, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 and several other encoding schemes.

ViewState Viewer

Netsparker ViewState Viewer

When security scanning ASP.NET and modern .NET web applications, Netsparker extracts ViewState data from the HTTP requests and responses generated during a scan, and displays this data in a viewer for further troubleshooting.

Vulnerability Retest

Having undertaken Netsparker’s recommended remedial action to fix an issue, you can save more time by using the retest individual vulnerability feature rather than launching another complete web application security scan.

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