Eliminate the uncertainty of false positives

Regain control of your web security program by eliminating the guesswork and uncertainty that false positives bring. With Netsparker’s Proof-Based Scanning™ technology and automatic verification, you always know which results are real actionable issues and definitely not false positives. Experience the full benefits of integration and automation – send notifications and automatically assign vulnerabilities to developers, and patch web application firewalls in real time to maintain security.

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Secure all your web technologies

Identify even the most complex vulnerabilities with Netsparker’s advanced scanning engine, including SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, and other OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.

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Use detailed vulnerability information provided in scan results to ensure that developers fully understand the vulnerability, so they can quickly fix it and write more secure code in the future.

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Optimize penetration testing using Netsparker’s rich set of integrated tools to assist your security professionals with advanced security assessments.

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Scale your web security program, not just your scanning

Secure all your websites, not just the most critical ones. Use Netsparker’s asset discovery service to locate all the websites, web applications, and web services that need to be scanned.

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Scanning is just the first step in dealing with vulnerabilities, so as you scale scanning, the rest of your processes must keep pace. Netsparker can help you scale every step of the way by eliminating problems with false positives and increasing efficiency through automation and integration.

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Automate with confidence

Integrate vulnerability scanning and management into your workflows to improve collaboration and get instant notifications about vulnerabilities.

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Automate vulnerability triaging and resolution without the uncertainty of false positives to efficiently handle hundreds or even thousands of web applications for improved performance, response times, and application security.

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Integrate automated vulnerability assessments into your SDLC, DevOps, staging, and live environments to ensure that all web applications and web servers are free from known vulnerabilities by the time they reach production.

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When a critical vulnerability can’t be fixed immediately, a web application firewall is invaluable for maintaining security. Use Netsparker’s WAF integration functionality to automatically block vulnerabilities until a fix is available.

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Gain full visibility and control

Use the global dashboard for an instant overview of the current security status of your websites, applications, and services, including scans launched, vulnerabilities found, and vulnerabilities waiting to be fixed. Review reports for trends, statistics, and compliance, and use our trend matrix to get detailed information about all vulnerabilities for specific websites.

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Discover all the technologies and versions used in your web applications. Our Technologies feature finds and lists technologies, checks for out-of-date and vulnerable versions, and tracks update history, with support for reports and instant notifications.

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Experience world-class support – get help with integration and operations, request custom features and enjoy the control and peace of mind that comes from working with a reliable and responsive business partner.

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