Accurate Reports with Proof-Based Scanning™

Having an accurate tool that does not report false positives and that your team trusts is a must. Otherwise you cannot scale up because manual verification of vulnerabilities is required, which slows down the development process and increases mistakes.

Scan All Your Web Assets

You cannot scan a web application or a web service if you do not know about it! Hence why Netsparker has its Application & Discovery Service, so you can identify and scan all your web applications before malicious hackers do.

Advanced Scanning & Crawling Technology

Netsparker boasts a Chrome based crawling engine that can crawl and find vulnerabilities in all type of web applications, including custom built HTML5, Web 2.0 and Single Page Applications.

Identify the Most Complex Vulnerabilities

Netsparker’s advanced scanning technology uses more advanced techniques than the traditional request and response scanning mechanism. This means it can identify some of the most complex and difficult to find vulnerabilities.

Practical Vulnerability Details

Developers are not security professionals so they need ample of information to learn about the vulnerability, fix it, and write more secure code. At Netsparker we understand this, hence why the reports include all the relevant technical data and references developers need to understand and remediate the issues.

Include All the Team to Boost Security

Netsparker has a selection of built-in workflow, management and integration tools that make it really easy to keep all the team in the loop and manage it, so everyone pulls together to have more secure web applications.

Automate Vulnerability Triage & Management

Finding vulnerabilities is just a small part of the game. You also need to fix them, which is the hardest part, especially when you have thousands of vulnerabilities. With Netsparker you can also automate the post scan so the triaging of vulnerabilities and follow ups are automated.

Integration in the SDLC, DevOps & Other Environments

Netsparker can be integrated with the solutions in your SDLC and DevOps environments to create a closed-loop application security solution, so applications are continuously scanned at every stage and all post scan processes are automated.

Built-In Tools for Advanced Assessments

Even though Netsparker is an enterprise level automated security solution it also has all the tools hands-on professionals need when they are doing advanced assessments and penetration tests.

Reports - all data at your fingertips

Netsparker has a wide variety of reports. It has executive and management reports that allow you to keep an overview of what is happening, technical reports for developers, and also compliance reports.

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