Easily Scale Up Web Application Security

Scan as many websites as you want without an army of security professionals! Netsparker’s exclusive pre-scan and post-scan automation allows you to identify vulnerabilities in web applications and remediate them easily.

Netsparker Scalability

Netsparker is fully scalable. You do not need to buy, license, install or support any hardware or software to run web application security scans.

If you need to scan all your websites because of a critical vulnerability outbreak, simply log in to Netsparker and launch as many scans as you wish. If you need to add more websites, or you have a new customer that requires you to scan hundreds of websites over a short period of time, you can log in to Netsparker, add the websites and be assured that they will be immediately scanned without the need to allocate additional resources.

You do not need to verify the findings of Netsparker scans, because identified vulnerabilities are automatically verified with our Proof-Based Scanning™ technology. Also, once Netsparker is integrated into your SDLC, it automatically posts the findings to your bug tracking and vulnerability management system and verifies the fixes.

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